Mahindra XUV700: How does the Adaptive cruise control feature perform in real world conditions

Mahindra surprised everyone when they launched the all-new XUV700 in the market earlier this year. It was one of the most awaited model from the manufacturer this year. Bookings and deliveries of the XUV700 have started and it has received and overwhelming response from customer as well. XUV700 is so popular that the waiting period on the SUV has gone up to an year. It is currently the most technologically advanced car in the segment. The car comes with features like Adaptive cruise control, Automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist and many more features. Here we have a video that shows how the Adaptive Cruise control feature of the SUV actually performs in real world conditions.

The video has been uploaded by Jojo Wheelie on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger shows how his XUV700 performs with Adaptive Cruise Control activated in real world conditions. The vlogger is driving the top-end AX7 L variant which comes with Advanced Driver Assistance System.

He mentions that the cruise control on the XUV700 can only be activated over the speed on 30 kmph and it is not meant for places with bumper to bumper traffic. Vlogger then drives the car to a straight highway with less number of vehicles on it to conduct the experiment. Before activating the adaptive cruise control, he turns on autopilot and then activated Lane keep Assist and Automatic Emergency Braking. Once both these features were activated, the driver sets speed and activates cruise control using the button on the steering wheel.

The vlogger sets the speed and activates the speed and the car starts maintaining a constant speed while maintaining equal distance with the car in front of the XUV700. The car was maintaining a speed of 70 kmph and then vlogger decided to switch lanes to find out if the car would slow down automatically if another vehicle comes in front of it. He used turn indicator to change lanes as the Lane Keep Assist will otherwise try to correct the steering movement.

Mahindra XUV700: How does the Adaptive cruise control feature perform in real world conditions

Blind-spot detection camera shows whether any other car is behind it or not. The car suddenly detected the slow moving car in front and slowed down. When the car moved out of the lane, it automatically picked up speed. XUV700 then reached an intersection where it detected couple of bikers in front and gave notification for possibility of forward collision. The SUV slowed down but, it never came to complete halt.

Once the intersection was clear, the car picked up speed to the mark where it was set earlier. Vlogger also showed that if he accelerates to go faster, the cruise control will deactivate temporarily but, the moment picks up his foot from the accelerator pedal, the speed of the car will come down to the set cruise control speed.

Overall, the Adaptive cruise control feature in XUV700 is actually very useful and it works without any issues. Mahindra XUV700 is available with a 2.0 litre turbo petrol and 2.2 litre turbo diesel engine option. Both petrol and diesel are offered with manual and automatic transmission options while only the top-end diesel automatic version comes with AWD feature as an option.