Mahindra XUV700 collides with Mitsubishi Lancer: Here’s the result [Video]

mahindra xuv700 mitsubishi lancer crash

The build quality of cars is becoming a significant consideration for many buyers when purchasing either a new or used car. Brands like Mahindra and Tata are known for producing well-built cars and SUVs. However, there are other brands in the sector that are not well-known for this. Here, we have a video from Hyderabad depicting a collision between a Mahindra XUV700 and a Mitsubishi Lancer sedan, and the outcome of the accident is quite surprising.

Nikhil Rana shared the video on his YouTube channel. The vlogger captured this video for an online news portal called “sachnews.” According to the footage, the accident occurred somewhere in Hyderabad, involving the Mitsubishi Lancer and the Mahindra XUV700 – one being a futuristic, feature-loaded SUV, and the other an old-school Japanese sedan.

Both cars were reportedly traveling at high speeds when the front of the Mitsubishi Lancer crashed into the fender of the Mahindra XUV700. The left-front axle of the XUV700 was damaged, causing the wheel to come off. Additionally, the car’s bumper and fender sustained minor damages. The Mitsubishi Lancer also suffered damage.

Comparatively, the Lancer sustained more damage than the XUV700. Upon impact, the front bumper of the Lancer caved in entirely, and the sedan’s bonnet sustained damages. The majority of the impact was absorbed by the front section of the car. Mitsubishi, as known, no longer officially sells any models in India. The Lancer was once a popular sedan among enthusiasts and had several modified versions across the country.

Mahindra XUV700 collides with Mitsubishi Lancer: Here’s the result [Video]
XUV700 crashed into Lancer

This accident demonstrates that the Mitsubishi Lancer wasn’t just a sporty-looking aspirational product for enthusiasts; it was also a well-built product. The Lancer managed to absorb the impact of the accident quite effectively. Notably, the video mentions that both cars were traveling at high speeds when the accident occurred. Considering the high speed, the Lancer remarkably absorbed the impact.

The front bumper and bonnet took the impact and collapsed, but the sedan’s pillars and windshield appear intact. The wheels and suspension of the Lancer also seem to be in good condition in the video. Regarding the occupants, drivers from both vehicles escaped without any major injuries. This video serves as a clear example of Mitsubishi’s history of offering well-built cars for the Indian market, even before Global NCAP and crash tests became prevalent.

On the other hand, the Mahindra XUV700 is the flagship model from the Indian SUV manufacturer. Launched in 2021, the XUV700 underwent crash tests by Global NCAP, achieving a 5-star rating. It stands out as one of Mahindra’s safest and most technologically advanced SUVs. The primary reason behind this accident was overspeeding. It’s crucial to always adhere to prescribed speed limits, especially while driving within the city, as even a small mistake can lead to accidents like these. This video highlights the importance of staying alert while driving on Indian roads, particularly at night. Public roads are for everyone and one must follow rules while driving on road to avoid such accidents. Passengers in both cars were lucky to have escaped the accident with only minor injuries.