Mahindra XUV700 diesel automatic SUV: Fuel economy test

Mahindra XUV700 is the flagship product from Mahindra in Indian market. Mahindra launched the XUV700 recently and the production for the same has also started. Mahindra has not yet started the delivery of the SUV. We drove the all-new XUV700 couple of months ago in Chennai at Mahindra’s SUV proving ground and the video and review article about the XUV700 is available on our website. Mahindra XUV700 is available with both petrol and diesel engine options. Here we have a video where a YouTuber tests fuel efficiency of the all-new Mahindra XUV700 diesel automatic.

The video has been uploaded by Power On Wheel on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger is driving the top-end diesel automatic version of the XUV700. It is powered by a 2.2 litre turbocharged diesel engine that generates 185 Ps and 450 Nm of peak torque. This engine is available with both manual and automatic transmission. For this video, vlogger is driving the automatic version.

He starts by taking the car to the nearest fuel station and fills up full tank fuel. After that he resets trip meter and soon joins the highway. The vlogger mentions that he’ll be driving the car normally and won’t be taking it above 100 kmph speed. He talks about some of the features that are offered with the XUV700. He tests lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control in this trip.

Mahindra XUV700 diesel automatic SUV: Fuel economy test

He was maintaining a constant speed at open stretches and had to slow down at places due to traffic. As the adaptive cruise control was slowing him down too much, he took the control manually at times to overtake slow moving car ahead of him. He talks about the overall fit and finish of the interiors and says that the autonomous features in XUV700 work pretty well. He also showed how the blind spot detection feature in the XUV700 comes in handy while making lane changes and overtakes.

He drove the SUV for a while and covered over 90 kms on odometer before returning to the fuel station. The AC was turned on all the time and the amount of fuel XUV700 diesel consumed to travel 90 kms was 6.25 litres. This translates the fuel efficiency of the XUV700 to almost 14.4 kmpl. This is actually a good especially when we compare the size of the car and the power it generates. The vlogger however did not mention about the drive mode in which he was driving the car during the fuel economy run.

This fuel economy run mostly consisted of highways and when XUV700 comes to city driving condition the numbers will drop even more as there is more traffic jam. XUV700 is the most technologically advanced car to come out from Mahindra. XUV700 competes with cars like Hyundai Alcazar, Tata Safari and MG Hector Plus in the segment. It is available with 5 and 7 seater options and is the only SUV in the segment to offer AWD system as an option with top-end diesel. The petrol version of XUV700 is powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged unit that generates 200 PS and 380 Nm of peak torque. This engine is also available with manual and automatic transmission.

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