Mahindra XUV700 Diesel, Thar Petrol & Diesel SUVs recalled for turbocharger issues

Mahindra has issued yet another recall for the XUV700 and Thar. This time around, the recall is for the diesel variants the XUV700, and the petrol and diesel variants of the Thar. On the Thar Diesel, the recall aims to check and replace the Turbocharger actuator link, and the auto-tensioner and belt. On the Thar Petrol, the recall aims to check and replace the auto-tensioner and belt. On the XUV700, Mahindra aims to check and replace the turbocharger actuator linkage on the diesel-manual and diesel-automatic variants of the SUV.

Mahindra XUV700 Diesel, Thar Petrol & Diesel SUVs recalled for turbocharger issues

All the recalls will be done at no cost to the customer. Mahindra Thar and XUV700 Diesel owners are requested to log on to Mahindra’s official website, and enter the VIN information to know if their vehicles are covered under the latest recall. Alternatively, XUV700 and Thar owners can contact the nearest Mahindra dealerships to check if their vehicles are a part of the latest recall. Over the past couple of years, Mahindra has carried out a spate of recalls for both the Thar and the XUV700.

Both SUVs are best sellers for Mahindra, and command waiting times that run to the tune of years in case of specific variants. Introduced in 2020, right in between the Corona Virus pandemic, the Thar was an instant success right from the word go. Mahindra has sold over 1 lakh units of the all-new Thar in the Indian market since launch.

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The off-roader is offered with two engine options: the 2.2 liter-4 cylinder mHawk turbo diesel (130 Bhp-300 Nm) and the 2 liter-4 cylinder mFalcon turbo petrol (150 Bhp-300/320 Nm). Both engines get a four wheel drive transfer case with low and high ranges as standard. While a 6 speed manual gearbox is standard on both engines, a 6 speed torque converter automatic is offered as an option with both engines.

The Thar is offered with hard-top and convertible soft-top body styles – something that no other SUV at its price point offers. The Thar is a four seater, and is targeted primarily at those who want a capable SUV that can go anywhere. Mahindra is working on a 5 door, 5 seat version of the Thar that will be launched sometime next year. The 5 door Thar is expected to be unveiled at the upcoming 2023 Indian Auto Expo.

Mahindra XUV700 Diesel, Thar Petrol & Diesel SUVs recalled for turbocharger issues

The XUV700 was launched last year, and Mahindra is sitting on over 1 lakh bookings for the luxury crossover that’s available in 5 seat and 7 seat variants. Like the Thar, the XUV700 gets petrol, diesel, petrol-automatic and diesel-automatic powertrains. It’s a monocoque bodied vehicle that’s received high praise for its excellent handling, luxury and impeccable safety. In fact, the XUV700 is the first homegrown Indian car to feature advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and a host of other segment-leading safety features.

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