Mahindra XUV700 driven on ADAS with driver on passenger seat is plain stupid, and very risky [Video]

There have been several instances where owners of the Mahindra XUV700 have been misusing the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) features in order to gain attention on social media platforms. Adding to this series of foolish acts, a recent incident involved a Mahindra XUV700 being observed driving in auto mode, while the driver was seated in the co-driver’s seat.

The video has been shared by GTA HuB on their YouTube channel, showcasing a reckless act by a Mahindra XUV700 owner who put both their life and vehicle in jeopardy while demonstrating the ‘magic’ of ADAS in a sensational manner. The video depicts a Mahindra XUV700 traveling on a national highway, with nobody occupying the driver’s seat. This indicates that the XUV700’s lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control were activated, allowing the SUV to autonomously drive without any intervention from the driver.

However, the video reveals an even more alarming detail: the driver of the XUV700 is observed sitting in the co-driver’s seat, facing in the opposite direction. Astonishingly, the driver is reclining against the dashboard with their feet pointed towards the rear seats. By fully reclining the backrest of the co-driver’s seat, they managed to position their feet comfortably upon it.

Mahindra XUV700 driven on ADAS with driver on passenger seat is plain stupid, and very risky [Video]
owner misusing ADAS feature

To ensure that the driver maintains control, Mahindra has implemented a mechanism that disengages the system after a series of warnings, thereby requiring the driver to keep their hands on the steering wheel. It’s important to note that ADAS is designed as an assistive system and cannot independently navigate the vehicle. Additionally, it is crucial to acknowledge that these systems can encounter failures, particularly in India where lane markings can abruptly vanish. ADAS heavily relies on lane markings, and without their presence, the system cannot effectively keep the vehicle within the lane.

The video also highlights a concerning observation regarding the seat belts, as they were improperly fastened in order to silence the persistent beeping of the safety alarm system. Furthermore, the individual in the co-driver’s seat is seen operating their mobile phone, despite the fact that the XUV700 is still autonomously cruising in auto mode with the ADAS functions activated.

While this video demonstrated the effectiveness of the ADAS systems available in the Mahindra XUV700, it also serves as a cautionary example of how they should not be utilized. It is important to note that the ADAS functions in the Mahindra XUV700 do not transform it into a fully autonomous vehicle, as it still requires steering inputs from the driver at certain moments. Engaging the ADAS functions without keeping hands on the steering wheel is an act of sheer foolishness that can lead to a perilous chain of events.

This is not the first instance where Mahindra XUV700 owners have demonstrated the ADAS functions in their vehicles in an incorrect and hazardous manner. Such behavior is incredibly dangerous, as the driver is not only jeopardizing their own life but also endangering the lives of others on public roads. It is crucial for authorities to take decisive action against such violators and enforce strict measures to prevent these reckless acts.