Mahindra XUV700 owner explains why he’s selling the SUV after just 3 months [Video]

Mahindra launched their all-new SUV XUV700 in the market last year. It became popular among buyers almost instantly. It became so popular that the waiting period for the SUV was extending over an year. Even now, the waiting period on the XUV700 is quite long. There are many factors that make XUV700 popular in its segment. Long list of features is one of them. It is available with both 2WD and AWD variants and is now a commonly spotted SUV on our roads. Just like many other cars available in the market, XUV700 also has problems. Here we have a video, where an owner explains why he’s selling his XUV700 just 3 months after buying it.

The video has been uploaded by MR. DV VLOGS on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of the XUV700 talks about all the reasons why he is planning to sell the SUV. He starts with small issues and then moves up to the major ones. The variant, vlogger owns is an AWD variant and he uses it for long road trips. He has already taken the SUV to Ladakh and other mountain regions. As a car, he is very satisfied with the performance but, as this is just an AWD SUV and not a proper 4×4 SUV, he is not confident enough to take the SUV to extreme off-road sections.

The other problem on this SUV are the tyres, Mahindra offers HT tyres with XUV700 which is good for city conditions but, not apt for rough road or off-road conditions. Mahindra could have offers an AT tyre with the SUV. The vlogger looked for an AT tyre for the SUV but, he could not find one that fit the 18 inch stock alloy wheel. In order to install an AT tyre, he’ll have to dowgrade the wheel size so that it fits perfectly. Other than the tyres, he mentions that the boot space in the XUV700 with all three row seats up is not sufficient and it does not meet their requirements while going out on camping trips. He mentions that if there are passengers on all seats, there is no way that one can carry any luggage in this SUV.

Mahindra XUV700 owner explains why he’s selling the SUV after just 3 months [Video]

If there are only 2 or 5 passengers, then they can accommodate. These are all minor reasons but, the major reason why he is now planning to sell the car is the cost of maintenance. He recently bought the SUV and completed 10,000 km service. This was the first service for the SUV and he had to spent around Rs 5,000 on it. He also mentions that the brake pads on the SUV do not last very long and the cost of replacement is around Rs 15,000. So the overall cost maintenance of this SUV is way more expensive than what he expected. Other than this, the service experience is another factor what made him think about selling the SUV.  He has used Ford EcoSport in the past and in comparison to that, service experience with Mahindra is bad. There were minor software issues with the XUV700 too which he feels Mahindra will rectify in the future. These were the reasons why the owner is now looking for an SUV that is way for easier on the pocket than XUV700 and offers a good customer experience. He mentions it several times in the video that he still likes the SUV very much and he is just looking for an alternative because of the above mentioned reasons.