Mahindra XUV700 owner reviews the SUV after using it for 1 year [Video]

Mahindra XUV700 was one of the hit products to be launched by Indian car manufacturer in 2021. It became so popular that the SUV had a waiting period of over a year.  It is the most technologically advanced and feature-loaded Mahindra to be launched in the market. It was the first SUV in its segment to come with features like ADAS and was considered as a value-for-money product. XUV700 is now a commonly spotted SUV on our roads. The SUV has been in the market for over an year and here we have a video where an XUV700 shares his experience with the SUV after using it for 1 year.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Panwar on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of an XUV700 top-end variant talks about the things that he liked and the issues that he faced after buying the XUV700.  He mentions in the beginning of the video that he has been using the car for a year now and his car belongs to the first batch as well. He bought the top-end variant with all the features. He is happy with the vehicle and calls it a value-for-money product from Mahindra. He has completed around 17,000 km on the odometer and one of the issues that he faced with the car was the suspension.

After driving the car for few months, he started hearing a weird noise from the front of the SUV. Initially, the sound was minor and he ignored it and continued to drive it. After some time, the noise from the front increased and that is when he decided to take the car to the workshop. He dropped the car and the service center and asked them to inspect the vehicle. Upon inspection, they told the owner that the underbody protection of the car has been damaged and that could have happened after the car hit some object. The owner asked them to fix the issue and claim insurance.

Mahindra XUV700 owner reviews the SUV after using it for 1 year [Video]

The service center agreed to it and told the customer that he will have to leave the car for 2-3 days. He left the car but, the service center could not fix the issue in given time. They took almost 10 days to fix it. The service center faced an issue with the insurance company and the surveyor was not approving the claim. They made 2 claims to fix the issues on the car as it was not being approved in a single one. The owner mentioned that the insurance was offered to them from the dealership only and he has never heard of the company who was offering it.

After a long wait, the service center replaced the front bumper and the underbody protection of the XUV700. They fixed a minor scratch on the rear bumper of the SUV. He got the SUV back and when the owner drove the vehicle, he found that the primary issue (noise) was still there. The car was then taken to the service center again and the mechanic told him that there is some issue with the suspension and they will have to inspect it. For the same he will have to leave the car at the workshop again. The owner did not leave the car as he had no other vehicle with him to drive. He mentions that he is happy with the vehicle but he is not at all happy with the body shop of Mahindra as they were acting irresponsibly. The service center experience is good so far. He also mentions that the rear seat belt on his XUV700 do not lock as well.

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