Mahindra XUV700 owner talks about things that he does not like in the SUV [Video]

Mahindra XUV700 is currently the most popular SUV in the market. Soon after the launch, it became popular among buyers and there is currently a waiting period of over an year on the SUV. Mahindra XUV700 is a three row SUV that competes with SUVs like Tata Safari, Hyundai Alcazar, MG Hector Plus in the segment. In the past, we have seen several videos of XUV700 where owner shares his experience with the vehicle. Here we have another video where the owner of a Mahindra XUV700 AX7 L AWD version is seen talking about the things that he did not like in his SUV.

The video has been uploaded by It’s My take YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks about things that he did not like or feels that Mahindra could have improved in the SUV. He starts with the charging ports. He mentions that the front row passenger get USB charging points and there is a wireless phone charger. The speed of the wireless phone charger is very slow and at times it also heats up the phone. He mentions that Mahindra has not offered any 12V charging socket in the first or second row seat. The only 12V socket present in the car is at the third row and that means filling air in the tyre using a portable air compressor becomes a task in itself.

The other problem he faces in the  SUV are the lights. The first and second row have cabin lights but, there are no such lights inside the boot which makes things a bit difficult in dark. Next issue he points out in the SUV is about the climate control. XUV700 offers dual zone climate control but, when the air circulation is turned on, the automatic climate control turns off. The XUV700 also offers wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. When the screen is connected to the phone, it does not show the AC temperature readings.

Mahindra XUV700 owner talks about things that he does not like in the SUV [Video]

Next problem he points out in the SUV is about the drive modes. The XUV700 resets the drive mode every time the car is turned off. This makes the option of Custom mode useless as it would automatically be in Zap mode every time. The quality of the SOS button cover, missing rear fog lamps and also mentions that when the Adaptive headlamps are turned on, the booster headlamp function turns off automatically. He also mentions that the connectivity features in the XUV700 ar very slow due to bad service provider. He also complains about the missing AWD badge in the top-end version as it would  differentiate the vehicle from the 2WD variants.

Although, he mentioned so many negative he still loves the XUV700 as a package and states that these are the issues that Mahindra should consider correcting either by offering accessories or software updates. Apart from this, he has no issue with the car so far. Vlogger recently took delivery of his XUV700. The SUV is available in both petrol and diesel engine options and is the most technologically advanced and most feature loaded Mahindra vehicle till date.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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