Mahindra XUV700 owner’s long term review after 1 year, 20,000 Kms [Video]

The Mahindra XUV700 is currently the most technologically advanced car in the entire Mahindra lineup. Despite being launched in August of 2021, the car still has a huge demand. Mahindra is not running short of customers for this full-size SUV in the near future because the car comes equipped with a multitude of features and is one of the most advanced cars in the segment. However, no car is perfect, and the XUV700 also comes with its flaws. Recently, a YouTuber shared his long-term review of the XUV700 after driving it for a year since purchasing it. The owner has given his comprehensive review of 20,000 km in his XUV700 AX7L variant in his video.

The long-term video review of the Mahindra XUV700 AX7L has been shared on YouTube by “It’s My Take” on their channel. In this video, the owner shares his thoughts on a ton of different aspects of the car and mentions all the things he likes and dislikes about the car after owning it for over a year and driving it for more than 20,000 km. The owner shares a number of points in an abstract manner, so here is a summary of the good and the bad about the XUV700 AX7L.

Although the owner shared a number of good things about the car, he also shared a few bad things about the SUV as well. Starting off with the negatives of the XUV700, he stated that one of the biggest issues that has made him upset multiple times is the software glitches of this SUV. He mentioned that on numerous occasions, his infotainment system, driver display, and 360-degree camera have gotten stuck and experienced glitches. The owner mentioned that although all the systems are advanced, they have a ton of niggles. He added that despite software updates, there are still bugs in the system, and he is not very happy with them.

Next, he shared that he also faced one problem with the rear suspension, but Mahindra quickly sorted it out. He also stated that one thing he did not like was that Mahindra removed some features from the car, and one of the biggest losses was the Wi-Fi hotspot that was previously offered. Apart from that, the only complaint he had was that the door seal on the driver’s side did not filter out the engine noise, and the company would fix this every now and then, but it manages to come back.

Mahindra XUV700 owner’s long term review after 1 year, 20,000 Kms [Video]

Now coming to the positives about XUV700 ownership and the car itself. He started off by saying that the paint quality is very good, and even without any PPF and ceramic coating, his paint looks flawless after ample use. Next, he stated that apart from the rear suspension issue, he has not faced any other mechanical problems with the car, and it is an amazing car to drive overall. He mentioned that the engine, gearbox, and ride quality are extremely smooth, and the braking of this vehicle is very confidence-inspiring. He added that there are complaints that the ADAS with its emergency braking uses up more brake pads, but he debunks those claims by saying that it is not true.

He also added that although he does not use the ADAS that often, he mentioned that it works flawlessly in ideal conditions. However, he stated that it is not something that can be used in city traffic. He then moved on to the interior of the SUV and mentioned that despite having a white interior, the car has not worn out a lot and still looks fairly decent after so much usage. He stated that the gloss black finishes on the car’s interiors have also held up nicely.

Sharing his final thoughts, the owner mentioned that despite its niggles, the XUV700 is one of the best cars in its segment. He stated that the car offers a ton of features for its price and is much better than its closest rival, the Safari. Lastly, he added that overall, he is happy with his purchase and has no regrets in buying this SUV.

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