Mahindra XUV700 passengers ride dangerously while going up mountain pass in Kerala [Video]

Car manufacturers have recently begun incorporating several premium features into their affordable models. This strategy aims to attract customers effectively. One of the most commonly offered features in numerous cars is a sunroof. Regrettably, many customers misuse this feature, as evidenced by various videos and images from the past. This disturbing trend constitutes a hazardous behavior that we have addressed multiple times. Nevertheless, individuals persist in performing such stunts on public roads. Recently, we encountered a video depicting occupants of a Mahindra XUV700 standing on the panoramic sunroof and the rear seat window of the SUV while traversing a mountain road.

Asianet News shared this video on their YouTube channel. The incident occurred on Kerala’s Thamarassery Churam (mountain pass) just last week. A local resident, who contributes news content from the region to the channel, recorded the video. This individual observed a Mahindra XUV700 with Tamil Nadu registration being recklessly driven on the mountain pass. Astonishingly, the vehicle carried three people protruding from it – two from the panoramic sunroof and one sitting on the rear window of the moving SUV. The latter individual maintained his grip by clutching onto the roof rail of the SUV.

The person positioned himself on the right-hand side rear window of the SUV, obstructing the driver’s rear visibility. The SUV was driven at a high speed along the mountainous road. Thamarassery Churam serves as a tourist attraction, often visited on weekends. Additionally, it functions as a connecting road between Kerala and Karnataka. This road boasts numerous hairpin turns and experiences heavy vehicular traffic. Although the dangers of standing out of a vehicle’s sunroof are evident, sitting on the window is equally perilous. Given the frequent tight turns, the person on the window is at considerable risk of losing their grip and plummeting to the ground.

Mahindra XUV700 passengers ride dangerously while going up mountain pass in Kerala [Video]
Youth standing out of the sunroof & window

Traffic flows in the opposite direction as well. Vehicles, including cars and buses descending the slope, lack the necessary stopping time if the individual were to fall from the SUV. Consequently, severe injuries could occur. Fortunately, no such incident transpired in this case. The road is a single lane, amplifying the danger. The XUV700’s driver faces a disadvantage due to the inability to monitor rearward traffic. Those standing on the sunroof seem to relish the external scenery. The report notes that the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) has viewed the video and is presently tracing the vehicle to initiate appropriate actions.

Standing on a sunroof or any window of a moving vehicle constitutes a public road stunt and is strictly prohibited by law. In India, all passengers are obligated to fasten their seatbelts when the vehicle is in motion. Past instances have witnessed law enforcement imposing penalties on motorists engaged in sunroof-related activities on public roads. Sunroofs are primarily designed to enhance interior air circulation within vehicles. Leaving windows open while driving at high speeds can result in direct airflow that may cause discomfort. Conversely, sunroofs are engineered to recirculate air within the vehicle with minimal wind disruption. Unfortunately, many individuals exploit the sunroof opening to protrude from the vehicle, creating a highly perilous scenario. Abrupt braking could eject these individuals from the sunroof, and the risk of debris, such as stones from other vehicles, causing injury is substantial. Moreover, the presence of electrical wires poses a severe threat to those hanging out of the roof.

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