Mahindra XUV700, Scorpio and Thar have over 2 lakh bookings: Waiting periods revealed

As of late, the country’s largest utility vehicle manufacturer Mahindra and Mahindra has been quite busy producing and launching new cars. The automaker has witnessed so much success that recently it revealed that it is currently sitting on open order books of 2.66 lakh SUVs as of February 2023. The company stated that the highest number of reservations are for the Scorpio-N and Scorpi0 Classic and the least number of bookings is for the Bolero. It added that XUV700, XUV300, and XUV400 also have a sizeable number of bookings. Meanwhile, its lifestyle off-roader Thar’s bookings have stretched as well. The company also revealed the detailed waiting periods on each of the SUVs.

Mahindra XUV700, Scorpio and Thar have over 2 lakh bookings: Waiting periods revealed

First off, the company stated that the waiting time is just a little over six months for the petrol and diesel Z8L automatic models, while it is over two years for the Z8 variations for the Scorpio-N. Furthermore, the Z2 base and the Z4 second base variant both have tied for the second place with bookings over 22-23 months for each of them in both petrol as well as diesel configurations. The numbers revealed that the Scorpio Classic has a significantly shorter waiting period of between five and six months and is only offered in two configurations.

Coming on the second place the brands most technologically advanced SUV the XUV700 has an order queue of almost 77,000 vehicles.  The top-end AX7 and AX7L models in both petrol and diesel have the longest waiting times, up to a year and four months, just like the Scorpio. The less expensive MX and AX3 petrol variants are available in a little over two-three months. The comparable diesel models have substantially longer waiting times. The AX5 petrol and diesel sit in the middle of the waiting period lines with 5-9 months.

The Thar is the third SUV from the company on the list, and currently has open orders of 37,000 units, including the recently debuted Thar 2WD, which is quickly gaining popularity. The diesel-powered Thar 2WD has only been available since January, but the wait time is already between 16 and 18 months. Apart from this variant, all the 4×4 variants including hardtop and soft-top both have booking periods of only 1 month. The Petrol 2WD model has a waiting period of 3 months. Additionally, it has also been reported that the a ton of customers have converted their 4×4 variant orders to 2WD variant orders.

Mahindra XUV700, Scorpio and Thar have over 2 lakh bookings: Waiting periods revealed

The subcompact SUV – XUV300 and the newly launched electric iteration of the XUV300 the XUV400 have a combined pending booking total of 23,000 units. With a 7-month waiting list, the all-electric XUV400 has surpassed the 10,000 booking barrier. Beginning in March 2023, the XUV400 deliveries will commence. And finally the least amount of bookings of any model in the lineup is of the Mahindra’s rugged SUVs Bolero and Bolero Neo. Both of these SUVs have a combined booking of 9,000.

To shorten the lengthy waiting times, earlier last year the company also revealed its plans to increase the production capacity of its well-liked SUVs to 6 lakh units annually by Q4 of FY2024. In terms of individual models, the Thar’s production will rise from 4,000 to 6,000 units, the XUV300’s from 5,000 to 9,000 units, and the Scorpio N’s from the current 6,000 units to 10,000 units. Additionally, production of the XUV700 will increase from the current 6,000 units per month to 10,000 units per month. Mahindra will develop a monthly production capacity for its electric vehicles of 15,000 to 17,000 units, or 20–30 percent.

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