Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari in a drag race

XUV700 was one of the anticipated product from Mahindra this year. Mahindra surprised everyone with the price and features offered in the SUV and it received an overwhelming response from customer as well. Currently there is a long waiting period on the Mahindra XUV700. It competes with the likes of Tata Safari, Hyundai Alcazar and MG Hector Plus in the segment. Tata Safari which is XUV700 competitor was also launched in the market this year. It is based on Tata’s popular 5 seater SUV Harrier. Here we have a video where both Mahindra XUV700 and Tata Safari are seen competing against each other in a drag race.

The video has been uploaded by Aayush ssm on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger had got the Mahindra XUV700 and Tata Safari on a stretch of closed road. The plan was to do a drag race between both the SUVs to find out which one of the SUVs would perform better. In this race also showed which one of the SUVs touched 100 kmph mark first.

In the first round, Vlogger was driving the Tata Safari and XUV700 was driven by another YouTuber. He mentioned that after the first round, driver’s would swap the cars to find out which one of the SUVs perform better. Both SUVs were lined up and the vlogger blows the horn three times to indicate that the race has started. The first round started but, surprisingly Mahindra XUV700 did not move. Vlogger came back and found out that the driver forgot to engage the SUV in drive mode.

Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari in a drag race

Both the SUVs used in the video are diesel automatic variants. The vlogger once agains lines up the car and the race starts. Tata Safari immediately took the lead and was aggressive off the start line. Mahindra XUV700 was left behind and it looked like Mahindra would loose the race. Suddenly just after 80 kmph, Mahindra started gaining and it overtook Tata Safari just over 90 kmph.

Mahindra XUV700 won the first round. The other YouTuber who was in the XUV700 can be heard saying that Safari has an aggressive start whereas the power delivery in XUV700 felt very linear. He also mentioned that he is not very good with power launches when compared to vlogger.

Both of them swap the vehicles after taking it back to the start position. Vlogger was now inside the XUV700 and the other YouTuber was in Safari. race starts and this time Mahindra XUV700 immediately took the lead and maintained it throughout the race. Safari was left behind and it was unable to close the gap. Mahindra XUV700 was clearly the winner in this race.

Vlogger even taught the other YouTuber on how to launch a car in a drag race after the race. Mahindra XUV700 had the advantage of a bigger, powerful and torquier engine than Tata Safari. XUV700 uses a 2.2 litre turbocharged diesel engine that generates 185 Ps and 450 Nm of peak torque in top-end diesel automatic version. Tata Safari on the other hand uses 2.0 litre turbocharged diesel engine that generates 170 Ps and 350 Nm of peak torque. Both SUVs performed well in the race.

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