Mahindra XUV700 and Toyota Fortuner: Interior space & features compared on video

Mahindra surprised everyone with the launch of XUV700. The main attraction of their all-new SUV other than the long list of features is the pricing. It is offering several premium features that are normally seen in cars and SUVs of luxury segment. Deliveries for the XUV700 has already started and there is a long waiting period on the SUV. Toyota Fortuner is an SUV that is positioned above XUV700 and it is also a popular SUV in its respective segment. Here we have a comparison video, where interior space and features on XUV700 and Fortuner are compared on video.

The video has been uploaded by Power On Wheel on their YouTube channel. The video starts by showing third row space in Toyota Fortuner. The second row seats can be tumbled down from both sides to access the third row however, there is no space for adults in Fortuner. It offers AC vents but, there are no charging points or air flow controller for third row passengers in Fortuner.

In XUV700, only the seats on left hand side can be tumbled down. The car gets more space in the third row when compared with Fortuner. It also offers 12V charging socket and air flow controller and cup holder. Fortuner offers a dark themed cabin which leaves an impression that it does not offer much space. The second row seats can be slid and reclined individually while in XUV700, the seats cannot be slid. XUV offers light coloured cabin which gives it an airy and premium feel.

Mahindra XUV700 and Toyota Fortuner: Interior space & features compared on video

It offers a large panoramic sunroof which is otherwise missing in Fortuner. The video says that the cabin of XUV700 feels a lot more premium and spacious than Fortuner. Moving to the first row, the vlogger talks about the features that Fortuner comes with. Toyota is offering an updated touchscreen infotainment system that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, ventilated seats, storage spaces, cooled glove box, automatic climate contro, electrically adjustable driver and co-driver seats and so on.

Mahindra offers features like Mercedes-Benz like twin 10.25 inch digital screen. One of them is the instrument cluster and the other is touchscreen infotainment system. It also comes with connected car features and has inbuilt Alexa. The XUV700 offers ADAS features like adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning and many more.

Vlogger mentions that Mahindra XUV700 feels like a better value for money product as it is offering so many features. It still misses out on features like ventilated seats. Vlogger mentions that Toyota must consider updating Fortuner with more features especially when the top-end variant is now costing over Rs 50 lakh in many Indian cities. In terms of driving position, vlogger was comfortable in Fortuner and said that is his personal opinion. He did mention that XUV700 is offering a better ride quality.

Mahindra XUV700 is offered with both petrol and diesel engine options. The petrol version is powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine and it comes with manual and automatic transmission. The diesel version uses a 2.2 litre turbocharged engine that comes with manual and automatic transmission. Only the top-end diesel automatic version gets AWD as an option. The Fortuner is also available with both petrol and diesel engine option and both engine options get manual and automatic transmission with 4×4 being offered with diesel only.

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