Mahindra Xylo rolls over after rash overtaking move on a flyover

With the lockdown lifting up slowly in many cities across India, life is coming back to normal. That means the road is starting to get crowded again and the rate of accidents is on the rise again. Here is a video from a dashboard camera that shows a high-speed overtaking manoeuvre going wrong on a single lane flyover.

The video, which has now become viral on the Internet is from a dashboard camera of a car. The incident happened in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu on the Marthandam bridge. The footage shows an empty single lane overbridge and a vehicle coming from the opposite side.

Suddenly, the Mahindra Xylo overtakes from the inside and to avoid collision with the oncoming car, the driver of the Xylo swerves. Since it was at a high speed, the driver of the Xylo could not keep control over the car. The Xylo overturned at a high speed on the flyover.

With the safety barrier on the flyover, the Mahindra Xylo did not fall down of the flyover. It did hit the barrier at a high speed before coming to a complete stop.

Passengers safe

Mahindra Xylo rolls over after rash overtaking move on a flyover

According to various reports, everyone inside the Xylo was safe. However, they did sustain a few injuries, which is difficult to avoid in such accidents. There is no further report of the incident and this is all the information available to the incident.

Tall vehicles like the MPVs and the SUVs are prone to turn over at high speeds. Because of the height of the roof, the centre of gravity sits much higher than the sedans. This is why sedans can take on the corners at higher speeds safely compared to SUVs and MPVs.

Who is at fault here? Well, clearly, the Xylo driver is driving extremely rashly. It seems that there is a blind corner on the flyover and the Xylo driver decided to do the overtaking on the same corner. It is quite possible that the driver of the Xylo did not spot the oncoming car in time. By the time the driver of the Xylo spotted the other vehicle, it was too late.

The oncoming vehicle and the car from which the video was recorded were not damaged in any way.

Overtaking on single-lane roads

The footage clearly shows that the truck driver did not have the patience to overtake. While overtaking is banned on many single-lane roads in India, there are a few stretches marked by the dotted lines, that allow overtaking. However, one has to be extremely careful while overtaking and know the vehicle very well.

Overtaking on any single overbridge across India is not allowed and it is against the rules. One has to be very careful while overtaking on the single lane roads in India as many do not respect the rules overtake whenever they see an opportunity.