Maintenance Cost Index: comparing maintenance costs of all petrol sedans in Rs 5 lakh-Rs 8 lakh

Did you know that the maintenance cost of Volkswagen Vento is nearly three times more than the Toyota Etios? Here’s a CarToq computation of what we call the maintenance cost index for all petrol sedans in the Rs 5 lakh to Rs 8 lakh range.

Following the overwhelming response among CarToq members about the maintenance costs for premium petrol hatchbacks, we decided to put together a rigorous method for comparing maintenance costs of cars. We call this the Maintenance Cost Index.

Maintenance cost can be defined to include paid service costs for standard requirements such as charges for engine oil, air filter, oil filter, coolant top-ups, brake fluid top-ups. It also includes associated labor charges for these services.

For this report, we got service charge and labor charge costs for each model from the service stations, and then, assuming that each car has traveled 40,000 km, we computed service charge costs for each car.

The total service cost was then converted into per kilometer cost (total service costs up to 40,000 km/40,000km). We call this number the Maintenance Cost Index for each car (which actually works out into paise).

Listed below are maintenance costs for petrol sedans, arranged in increasing order of Maintenance Cost Index. So the lower the index value, the lower the maintenance cost of the car.

Hyundai Accent

hyundai accent photo

Hyundai Accent is old but still a popular car and cheaper to maintain too.  It takes just Rs. 9,000 to service a 40,000 km driven Accent. Maintenance cost index: 22 paise per km.

Fiat Linea

fiat linea t-jet road test photo

Fiat Linea has wider service intervals, which means less visit to service centres. For a 40,000 km driven Linea, the maintenance cost could be roughly Rs. 10,334 which is less when compared to rivals such the Vento and the City. Maintenance cost index: 25 paise.

Toyota Etios

toyota etios photo 1

Etios, the budget sedan from Toyota, should also be cheaper to maintain. While it is too early to gauge the maintenance cost for 40,000 km, based on the Toyota service centre inputs, the total cost could be Rs. 11,000. Maintenance cost index: 27 paise.

Ford Fiesta Classic

ford fiesta classic photo

Ford Fiesta Classic, which co-exists with the new Fiesta, is quite an old car and the maintenance cost is less. A 40,000 km driven Fietsa Classic would need Rs. 14,500 to maintain. Maintenance cost index: 36 paise.

Hyundai Fluidic Verna

hyundai verna photo

The new fluidic Verna is the present leader in its segment selling more than 4,000 units per month. How about its maintenance cost? If you drive your Verna for 40,000 km, you have to spend Rs. 14,500 at the service centre. Maintenance cost index: 36 paise.

Maruti Suzuki SX4

maruti szuki sx4 diesel photo

The SX4 has been in the market for 2007 and sells in decent numbers until it started facing stiffer competition from Vento and the new fluidic Verna. However, when it comes to maintenance cost, the SX4 leads the way. A 40,000 km driven SX4 needs roughly Rs. 15,000 to maintain. Maintenance cost index: 37 paise.

Tata Manza

tata manza new photo 1

Tata cars, when compared to its rivals such as Maruti Suzuki, have a slightly higher maintenance cost. With regard to Manza, the maintenance cost is slightly lesser than the Dzire. For a 40,000 km driven Manza, the service charges totals only Rs. 15,500. Maintenance cost index: 38 paise.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire

maruti suzuki dzire photo

The Dzire, is the largest selling entry level sedan in the country. The maintenance cost of the Dzire is also quite low. To be precise, it costs Rs. 16,980 to service a 40,000 km driven Dzire. Maintenance cost index: 42 paise.

Mahindra Verito

mahindra verito photo

Mahindra has reduced the price of Verito and now the car manages to sell in respectable numbers. However, Verito’s maintenance cost is quite high compared to its competition such as the Dzire and Manza. A 40,000 km driven Verito will need Rs. 18,000 to be spent at the service centre. Maintenance cost index: 45 paise.

Honda City

honda city photo 1

Honda City, which had a sales boost immediately after price slash, has smaller service intervals of 5,000 km or 3 months, whichever is earlier. The total maintenance cost of Honda City after 40,000 km is Rs. 26,250. Maintenance cost index: 65 paise.

Volkswagen Vento

volkswagen vento photo

Volkswagen, the German brand is quite expensive when it comes to maintenance, though the service intervals are wide, the service charges comes to Rs. 36,000. Maintenance cost index: 90 paise.


Here is a table with maintenance cost index of each petrol sedan.

[table id=101 /]

Disclaimer: The costs mentioned in this article are estimated service costs only, actual service costs may vary