Majestic python crossing the road, vehicles stop to let it cross [Video]

There have been instances where wildlife crossing a public road have attracted a lot of attention and surprise by the passers-by. Such scenarios happen not only in actual jungles but in the urban jungles as well. One such incident took place on a public road in Kerala when traffic from both sides came to a halt due to a python crossing the road.

The incident happened exactly during the night hours on a two-way road connecting the seaport and airport in Kochi. A long python was sighted crawling at a very slow pace in the middle of the road. The python was trying to cross the road from one end to the other. Both the sides of the road had thick vegetation all around.

As soon as people caught the glimpse of the python crossing the road, they stopped their vehicles and waited till the python crosses the road completely. Needless to say, it led to a long traffic jam, with some people continuously honking their vehicles to get the traffic ahead of them cleared. In the middle of it, there were a few people who did not wait and crossed without stropping, through all the possible gap between other vehicles and cleared-out tarmac.

Many snakes relocated due to floods

Majestic python crossing the road, vehicles stop to let it cross [Video]

After the major floods in Kerala in the last few years, the sightings of snakes has increased by multiple folds. Many reports claim that the snakes have relocated after the floods to the quieter forest areas. Many people who evacuated the houses due to the floods came back to see the homes are now infested with snakes.

Many passers-by and motorists recorded this whole incident of python crossing the road. Many people expressed their surprise at seeing such a deadly animal in the middle of a city road. In addition to this, many netizens also praised the patience of the motorists present on the road at the moment. The motorists, showing a great example of civic sense, allowed the python to cross the road without disturbing it or creating any hindrance in its way.

There are many state and national highways and roads that pass through the middle of thick vegetation and forests. Many wild animals are forced to cross the roads, being unaware of the traffic and sense of the motorists on the road at that moment. While some people do wait for the animals to cross the road, there are some people too who try to act smart by shooing those animals, which can turn them violent. In such a situation, it is better to maintain a safe distance and let the wild animal(s) cross the road without being disturbed.