Malayalam actor Mammootty buys Tata Sumo that was used in his latest movie ‘Kannur Squad’ [Video]

Megastar Mammootty is one of the biggest names in the Malayalam movie industry. His recent movie, “Kannur Squad,” is a huge success in theaters. Actor Mammootty is known for many of his movies as well as his love for cars and technology. He is one of those actors who like to remain updated with the latest tech and cars in the market. In his latest movie, “Kannur Squad,” the actor was using a Tata Sumo. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Sumo was actually a character in the investigative thriller movie. Mammootty has now bought the Tata Sumo that was actually used in the movie.

Mammootty’s production firm, Mammootty Kampany, had produced this movie. According to reports, the production firm had bought two Tata Sumos for the movie. One of these Tata Sumos was destroyed during the shoot of an action sequence in the climax. The other Tata Sumo used in the movie was not damaged, and that is probably why he bought it. The actor was using the Sumo throughout the movie, and probably, he made a connection with the car. This could be the reason why he bought it. A user on the social media platform ‘X’ wrote, “Seeing reports that Mammukka bought this Tata Sumo. Love this man for such things. Only those who feel emotionally attached to cars and automobiles would understand this. #KannurSquad.”

Malayalam actor Mammootty buys Tata Sumo that was used in his latest movie ‘Kannur Squad’ [Video]
Tata Sumo in Kannur Squad trailer

The Tata Sumo is an iconic vehicle in Indian automobile history. Tata launched this MUV back in 1994, and it quickly became popular among buyers. It was so popular that within three years, Tata sold over 1 lakh units, which was a great achievement at that time. The Tata Sumo is an MUV that was popular among customers for its spacious cabin, no-nonsense design, and comfortable ride. It was popular in both the private and commercial sectors over the years. As emission and safety norms in our country became stricter, Tata had to discontinue this popular MUV from the market. It was in production for almost 25 years. Tata even tried introducing a much more advanced version of the Tata Sumo in the market known as the Sumo Grande. Sadly, it never attracted many buyers.

A 4×4 version of this popular MUV was even sold to the Army. We do have some customers who have this version of the Sumo with them. It was never officially sold to civilians. These 4×4 SUVs were bought at an Army auction by their current owners. Finding a Tata Sumo on the road is very rare these days, especially if you are living anywhere in Delhi NCR. Coming back to Mammootty, he is a car enthusiast and has a collection of several expensive cars in his garage. He, along with his son, owns the so-called 369 Garage. Dulquer Salmaan is more into classic cars and SUVs. He has several exotic cars and many SUVs that he has restored. Mammootty has cars like the Volkswagen GTI, Land Rover Defender, Porsche Panamera, Mercedes-Maybach GLS600, and many more luxury cars in his garage.

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