Malayalam movie star Mohanlal’s London Taxi on video

Recently we heard news of London Electric Vehicle Company (LECV) planning to launch the iconic London Taxi in India. The London Taxi that will be launched in India is going to be entirely different from the iconic cab. We have couple of imported original London Taxi in India and we have now come across a video of a London Taxi that is claimed to be owned by Malayalam actor Mohanlal. The video of the cab that is circulating in the internet is actually registered in Delhi. The Actor is known to have a taste in old and classic cars and this London Taxi could be one of his newest addition into his garage.

The video has been shared by modz_own_country_kerala on their Instagram page. We ran the registration number of the vehicle online and found out that the car is not yet registered under actor’s name. The brown and beige colour on the cab looks very classic. The paint job is doing of the job at giving this cab a classic look. The short video gives a quick walkaround of the cab and also shows how the interiors look.

The original London Taxi comes in all black shade and it looks like the car has been repainted after it was imported. The cab gets the iconic curved design with round headlamps and overall round design. London Taxi is known for offering ample amount of space on the inside and the same can be seen here in the video as well. This does not get the suicide door but, gets the hinges at the front like regular cars.

Malayalam movie star Mohanlal’s London Taxi on video

The interiors have been fully customised. It gets an all brown or tan treatment which looks premium. There is a partition between the driver and the passenger cabin and the rear has been completely converted into a lounge. It gets recliners, an LED screen, tray table, a small refrigerator might also have been included somewhere inside the cabin. The can only seat 2 passengers at the rear.

This is actually not the first London Taxi in Kerala. Politician Shibu Baby John owns one. He was gifted a white coloured London Taxi by his son is 2013. A hotel group in Maharashtra also owns a London Taxi. They use it to ferry guests. The London Taxi was powered by a diesel engine.

The London Taxi Company is now owned by Geely, the Chinese car manufacturer who also own Volvo. The London Taxi that is scheduled to be launched in India will be sold in partnership with Exclusive Motors. The new London Cab retains the overall design but, gets several modern touches as well. For example, the cab no longer powered by a diesel engine.

It is now a hybrid vehicle and has also grown in size. It uses an electric motor as well as an engine to operate. It can travel slightly over 100 kms on purely electric charge and once the charge has finished the 1.5 litre, three cylinder petrol engine comes into play and it will also recharge the batteries while on the move.