Malayalam movie actor Mohanlal shares image of his first car – a Hindustan Ambassador

Mohanlal, a renowned Malayalam movie actor, is famous for his roles in various Indian language movies. He is also known for his love of cars. Like many other celebrities, Mohanlal possesses a collection of luxury cars and SUVs in his garage, which we have previously featured on our website. Few years ago, a picture of the actor posing with an Ambassador car went viral on the internet. This particular Hindustan Ambassador holds a special place in Mohanlal’s heart as it was the first car he purchased.

Malayalam movie actor Mohanlal shares image of his first car – a Hindustan Ambassador
Mohanlal’s first car

The actor shared a picture of himself standing in front of a Hindustan Ambassador car with the registration plate KCT 4455. The car in the picture is a Mark 4 model manufactured in 1986, making it over 35 years old. The actor posted this picture on his Facebook page, and hundreds of thousands of his followers have already liked and shared it. Many of his followers have also commented on the details in the picture that the actor posted.

The Hindustan Motors Ambassador has played a crucial role in India’s automotive history. It was a car that was once used by political leaders and senior government officials in the country. It was popular both as a personal and commercial vehicle. However, due to rising competition and low demand, Hindustan Motors finally ceased the production of the Ambassador completely.

The vehicle seen in the picture is a Mark 4 model of the Hindustan Motors Ambassador. In 1979, the Ambassador received a significant facelift. Although it retained the overall design, the front fascia underwent some changes. The front grille became smaller in height and featured a larger chequered grille with square park lamps. A separate amber indicator lamp was incorporated on the semi front lip spoiler below the bumper, which was mounted higher up.

The Mark 4 model was the final iteration of the Ambassador Mark cars. For a brief period, the vehicles were available as “Deluxe” and were later renamed the Ambassador Nova. The Ambassador Mark 4 was available with both petrol and diesel engine options, and the one posted by the actor is a petrol model. The car utilized a 1.8-liter petrol engine that generates 75 PS and 135 Nm of torque. It was only available with a manual gearbox.

Although Mohanlal has a collection of luxury cars, he is a fan of the Toyota brand. He owns several models from the brand, such as the Land Cruiser and the Toyota Innova Crysta. He previously owned the first-generation Toyota Innova and was one of the first celebrities in Kerala to purchase the Toyota Vellfire luxury MPV. Mohanlal’s affinity for Toyota is so great that he recently acquired another Innova Crysta.

Mohanlal has a soft spot for vintage or classic cars. Besides this Ambassador Mk4 sedan, the actor also has a London Taxi. The exterior and interior of the London Taxi have been fully customized to the actor’s liking. Another picture of a classic car that Mohanlal has in his garage had recently surfaced online. It is actually a Cadillac sedan that has been completely restored. The car belonged to Reliance Group founder Dhirubhai Ambani and was bought by K. Balaji, a well-known movie producer and Mohanlal’s father-in-law.

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