Man abuses traffic cop on road: Starts crying in police station

Most of us become angry or disappointed when a police officer issues a challan or seize our vehicle. But it is never a good idea to abuse the men in uniform. In fact, one should always keep the temper in control or it can go out of hand. This couple from Mumbai learnt it in the most difficult way. Here is what happened.

The video, which now has become viral on the Internet shows a couple screaming and shouting at the traffic police in charge, who has seized the vehicle. The traffic policeman had requested a crane and was waiting at the spot. The vehicle was seized as it was parked at a no-parking zone, which is illegal.

The man and the woman kept on shouting and hurling abuses at the policeman as he stood there calmly and did not say a word. The bystanders made a video of the incident. After a few moments, the crane arrived at the spot and took the vehicle from that spot.

Man abuses traffic cop on road: Starts crying in police station

In the police station, the constable lodged a formal complaint against the couple. When the man arrived to take back the vehicle, the police arrested him and the woman too. The video further shows the man crying and pleading to the cops to let him go and he was accepting that he made a mistake.

They put him in a prison cell too, where he sat down and cried a lot. We are not sure if they have been released from jail yet. The cops have also not revealed the sections of charges.

Not the first time

Man abuses traffic cop on road: Starts crying in police station

This is not the first time when civilians have been booked for misbehaving with the police officers in India. In the past, many such incidents have happened too. In some cases, people do not even stop their vehicles and the policemen who jump in front of the vehicles get hit or get carried by car for kilometres.

It is always a good idea to corporate with the cops when they stop you for vehicle checking. Not listening to the cops can come to a problem and even harsher cases can be registered against you. Police keep such check posts to ensure the safety of the motorists on the roads. Many traffic police forces from different states have started using body cameras and other modern devices to capture such incidents. It is always a better idea to solve the issue on the spot and if you think that the challan or the prosecution is wrong, you can always challenge the fine in court.