Man allows 5-year old daughter to ride TVS Jupiter: RTO cancels his license [Video]

Underage driving and riding is a major menace in India. Various states have been dealing with the problem in their own way. While some of the states have even announced sentence for the parents who let their underage children operate a vehicle, states like Kerala have taken stern steps like cancelling the licence of the parents. Recently, Kerala police cancelled the license of a parent after a video of a minor girl riding a scooter went viral.

What happened exactly?

The video shows a family of four riding on a scooter. The video has been taken from a car and shows that the father lets his 5-year old daughter take control of the TVS Jupiter on a public road. The little girl can be seen standing on the floorboard and riding the scooter at a good speed.

The people who were recording the video can be heard asking the scooter owner to not do so. Apart from the underage driving issue, the two-seater scooter was overloaded, with four people, and only the male rider was seen wearing a helmet. The two kids and the woman were not wearing helmets.

Kerala Police took a note of the video and started searching for the family on the scooter. Later in the evening, the license of the father was cancelled by the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) Kerala. The license has been suspended for a year and he will not be able to legally ride or drive on public roads till his license is reinstated. The Edapally police station officers, who are currently investigating the matter, have said that they are yet to register a case against the rider but further action will be taken soon.

Letting minors drive

Underage driving on public roads is dangerous and illegal. Individuals can be prosecuted or even jailed for letting minors operate a vehicle. Driving or riding without any training can be dangerous for road users too and cause serious accidents. If you want your underage children to learn driving, there are many other ways of doing so. There are many racing tracks and Go-Karting tracks that allow children to operate vehicles in a safe environment. Doing so on the public roads is careless and stupid.