Man arrested for selling Yamaha RX100 with Bajaj engine

In an incident from Kerala’s Kollam district, a man has been arrested for selling a motorcycle to a buyer with a different engine. The accused Ashish Philip had sold a Yamaha RX100 to a customer with a Bajaj motorcycle engine. The owner who had bought the motorcycle was totally unaware of this fact. Ashish Philip has now been arrested by local police and has been remanded after producing him in the court.

Man arrested for selling Yamaha RX100 with Bajaj engine

Ashish Philip had sold this Yamaha RX100 to G. Chacko almost 6 months back. It looks like the buyer had not paid much attention to the engine area or may be Ashish did that good of a job with engine swapping. Chacko realised that he got cheated only recently when he took his RX100 to a nearby workshop to check the oil leakage.

It was the mechanic at the workshop who pointed out that the engine on this motorcycle is not from Yamaha. Chacko had bought this motorcycle from Ashish for Rs 73,000 and once the owner realised that he was cheated, Mr. Chacko started asking Ashish to return the money and take the motorcycle back. Ashish started avoiding Chacko and finally the owner who got fed up got in touch with the Regional Transport Office and filed a complaint.

The owner informed the engine number and the chassis are the same on the registration certificate but, the culprit punched the engine number locally. The local police registered a case against Ashish based on the complaint. After Ashish realised that a case has been registered, he went into hiding. The culprit approached court for anticipatory bail but, the court refused to grant bail. A team of local police officers investigating the matter finally arrested Ashish and produced him in the court for cheating. Ashish Philip was then remanded by the court.

Ashish Philip has a criminal history. He is an accused in a Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) case. The accused was in remand and got out from the jail recently. In this case, Ashish had allegedly took a minor to a resort in Thiruvananthapuram and harassed her.

Coming back to the Yamaha RX100. Currently there are no detailed images of the motorcycle that was sold by Ashish. It is not known why Chacko who bought the motorcycle from Ashish did not notice that it had a different engine in it. The reports only mention that the accused had swapped engine with a Bajaj motorcycle’s engine. It does not say which bike’s engine he had used for this purpose.

How to Avoid such scams

While buying a used two wheeler or a four wheeler, it is always a good idea to get the vehicle inspected by an expert like a mechanic or at an authorised service center. If Mr. Chacko had got the vehicle inspected from a mechanic before he bought the bike, he would have come across this malpractice at that time. Getting the vehicle inspected from a mechanic or an expert will also clear whether everything is fine with the vehicle or does it need any major repair.

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