Kerala man builds fully functional Willy’s electric Jeep for his kids : Anand Mahindra is very impressed [Video]

It is no news that Arunkumar from Kerela is known to make a few miniature versions of iconic cars in the past. The one that we’re going to talk about now, is however much more special. Not only this is for his own 10-year old son, but Mr Anand Mahindra also couldn’t resist appreciating the effort of this amazing father. Arunkumar made a miniature jeep as a gift to his son from Kollam. The Willy is fully functional and it took him a whopping seven months to complete this tiny piece of art.

This Willy’s made by Arunkumar for his son has drawn inspiration from the Malayalam movie Lucifer. Even though the car weighs a mere 75 kilos, it is powerful enough to carry and pull twice its own weight. Attention to detail has been taken care of even though this was made in Arunkumar’s spare time. The chassis is basically the GA rectangular pipes which is used to make the base of the car. The outer body design has been replicated as the original and is made out of metal and fabric roof which can be folded down as and when required.

The miniature Willy’s gets powered by a 24V DC batteries. There is an electric DC motor but the wattage and output of the motor are not known. The battery pack also powers the LED headlamps, LED fog lamps, turn indicators, adjustable rear-view mirrors, windshield wipers, single horn, USB socket for mobile charging, a dedicated box to hold first-aid kit, USB and memory car slot for the speakers. Yes, the car has an infotainment system too that can play music on the move. There is also an analogue speedomeer taken from a Royal Enfield motorcycle too.

The electric motor drives the rear axle of the car and the power is transferred through a chain and sprocket system just like you see in the bikes. There is no transmission and the motor transfers the power directly to the axle. Also, here is a leaf spring set-up that has been taken from an original Jeep.

Arunkumar in a video says that he designed most of the things by himself since these parts are not available in such a small size. He has even designed a special tool kit that is placed under the driving seat and can be used to open the panels of the car.

Anand Mahindra posted the video of the vehicle on Twitter and appreciated the effort. It should be noted that Arunkumar first became popular after he made a small, miniature autorickshaw for his son and daughter a few months ago. The fully functional autorickshaw also had several handmade components. He said that he wanted to gift something to his children and did not want to spend too much money.

He said, “When I was a nursing officer at Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, I crafted the model of an SUV for my son. A toy car would cost thousands of rupees. Rather than spending that much money, I decided to make a car. Years later, I made a three-wheeler bike for my daughter, too.” It took as long as 7 months for him to finish building Sundhari.

Arunkumar did not say how much money did he spend to make the Willys model but looking at the details and the features, it can cost a lot in the market.