Man burns down a Jeep for Tik Tok video: ARRESTED! [Video]

Tik Tok, the social media app has become a platform for sharing the most shocking videos. Recently, a man from Rajkot, Gujarat put fire on his modified Jeep on a public road. The man was later arrested by the cops.

The video, which has now become viral on social media shows a man casually standing on the middle of the road. He then throws a lit matchstick inside the vehicle and it instantly catches fire. It seems that the man had poured some highly combustible thing in the vehicle like fuel. This is why the vehicle instantly catches fire.

A Twitter user reported the incident to the police and said that it took place somewhere on the Kotharia road in Rajkot. Interestingly, the man set fire to the vehicle in front of a fire station, which can be seen in the video. However, it is not known if the fire tenders came out to douse the fire. After receiving the complaint on social media, the cops found out the person, who goes by the name of Indrajeet Jadeja and arrested him. It is not clear if Jadeja used his own Tik Tok account to post the video or it was posted by someone else, who was also recording the video. The man who lit up the vehicle can be seen walking towards the camera in the end.

Man burns down a Jeep for Tik Tok video: ARRESTED! [Video]

The cops have booked the person under various sections but the exact sections are not known. The Commissioner of Police, Rajkot said that the person arrested will be awarded exemplary punishment. However, it is known what actions can be taken against him. The Jeep used in the video is a heavily modified vehicle and gets a top-less design. It also gets large wheels, which attract a lot of eyeballs on the roads.

Doing such things on public roads is illegal in India. The video shows that it is a busy junction and many pedestrians can be seen crossing the road too. If the fire had spread to any other vehicle, it could have turned out disastrous. Nonetheless, no injury has been reported in this incident.

In the past, cops have booked several Tik Tok users based on the videos that they have uploaded on the social media app. The Indian government even announced a partial ban on the app after all kinds of videos started appearing on it. People try to do something different for the videos to catch the attention of the viewers on the app and most of the times, the things go out of control. However, setting fire on a vehicle is a serious thing, especially because it can burn for hours and if things go wrong, the passerby can get hurt.

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