Man buys Honda Civic for Rs. 50,000, transforms it: Here’s the result [Video]

Honda Civic was recently re-introduced in the Indian market after skipping a generation. When Honda introduced the Civic last year in the market, it became quite popular with the enthusiasts and the brand was able to sell around 50,000 units of the sedan in the Indian market. The Civic attracts a lot of enthusiasts, especially because of its styling, features and performance. There are many Honda Civic sedans available in the used car market and they do not cost much. Here is a Honda Civic, which was bought for Rs 50,000 in 2019 and currently, with modifications, it looks fabulous. Here are the details.



This is the 2006 Honda Civic, which has completed more than 1.75 lakh km on the odometer reading. The owner says that there is no such problem in the car and it runs smoothly without any glitch or problem. Apart from the perfect condition of the mechanicals, the owner has fully modified the vehicle. The number of changes in this Civic is quite a lot.

To start with, the car gets a completely new front-end with aftermarket bumper and grille. It is similar to the Mugen Civic kits available in the international markets but it has been locally fabricated, which is why it is affordable. There is also a carbon fibre painted lip at the front, that adds an aggressive stance to the car and lower the ground clearance. While it makes the car look much better, the lower ground clearance can cause a few problems on the bumpy Indian roads. Even this Civic has a few scratches on the front and the bumper is also damaged. The total cost of the kit is Rs. 35,000. The vlogger has spent around Rs. 45,000 for a full repaint while the car needed mechanical work of around Rs. 40,000, which included work on the clutch. The lights and other minor modifications cost about Rs. 25,000. All in all, the vlogger has spent about Rs. 1.5 lakh over the stock car’s price of Rs. 50,000. What a steal for Rs. 2 lakh….

Man buys Honda Civic for Rs. 50,000, transforms it: Here’s the result [Video]

Under the bonnet lid, there is insulation to save the fibre mount. Other changes include side skirting and a new bumper in the rear. This Honda Civic also gets a lot of LED lamps and there is a LED DRL integrated to the bumper itself. The tyres get stickers on it and look really good. Also, the headlamps and the tail lamps get a black tint that makes it look aggressive. There are black tints on the windows too.

There are a few changes on the inside of this Civic as well. The changes include an aftermarket gear shifter, aftermarket faux seat covers, a Rolls Royce inspired starlit roof, an aftermarket steering wheel cover and a host of gauges that show various information on the engine. It also gets a digital Tyre Pressure Monitoring System that shows the real-time pressure in all the wheels. The owner says that a few more changes will happen to the car in a few months time.

The car is painted red while the original colour was white. It should be noted that in many cities, such modified cars can be seized by the cops especially because of original paint change. If the owner of any car is changing the original colour, it should be endorsed on the RC of the vehicle.