Man complains about a traffic jam, UP Police asks him to manage traffic [Video]

We get to hear bizarre situations quite often on the Indian roads and this situation is something that no one would have expected. This incident happened in Ferozabad, Uttar Pradesh when a motorist was caught in a traffic jam at Subhash intersection. He complained about the situation to a senior police officer and what happened after that is something that has never happened before.

Sonu Chauhan who was travelling on the road got stuck in a traffic jam. He went straight to a senior police officer who was standing nearby. The police officer, Sachindra Patel, instead of helping Sonu asked him to manage the traffic on the spot. The police officer designated Sonu as ‘traffic volunteer’ in the rank of circle officer at the spot. The cops also handed him a refelctive high visibility jacket and a helmet while posted on the job.

According to the reports, Sonu stayed at the spot for 2 hours and helped to manage the traffic. He also travelled in the marked Police vehicle with several other police personnel and he helped the cops to keep the traffic flowing.

Apart from that, Sonu Chauhan also issued fines to the violators on the roads. According to the cops, he issued a total of eight fines for various violations including wrong parking, driving on the wrong side and more. He issued fines that are worth more than Rs 1,600 in two hours on the spot. Many more traffic violators submitted their documents and said that they will submit the fine at a later date at the police station and will collect the documents.

Man complains about a traffic jam, UP Police asks him to manage traffic [Video]

Ramdutt Sharma, Ferozabad traffic inspector was following Sonu and said that a team of traffic police followed Sonu all around and followed his instructions too. They added that the cops will continue to do such experiments in the future to ensure community participation, which will improve the traffic situation of the region. For two hours, Sonu managed the traffic in the area.

Sonu Chauhan said to a reporter,

“The experiment has made me understand the problems of traffic constables and the problem that arises when we, members of the public, flout rules. If one vehicle takes a wrong turn, the entire system gets thrown out of gear. I have definitely become a more responsible citizen after this experiment.”

Well, this is one of the rare incidents when a police officer has asked the motorist to help instead of helping them. It is not known what exactly the cops said to Sonu that he agreed to help the cops but he must have learned new ways of tackling the traffic and he might make everyone around him understand about the importance of following the rules.