Man dances on top of Toyota Fortuner as it goes down stairs [Video]

Recently, we are coming across several examples of people going the extra mile to gain public attention on social media platforms, just for the sake of short-lived popularity. Here’s one such example of a man who was trying to dance on the roof of a moving Toyota Fortuner.


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In an Instagram post shared by akashxpanchal, a person is seen dancing on the roof of a Toyota Fortuner, which is being driven by another man. The video shows that the person is trying to maintain a balance while the Fortuner is being driven. Shortly, the Fortuner starts rolling down the stairs at a venue, which seems to be a setup for a wedding ceremony or any such sort of celebration. Despite this, the person on top of the roof of the Fortuner continues to dance and maintain balance. However, sooner, the person loses his balance and falls on the windshield of the Fortuner.

Man falls down

Man dances on top of Toyota Fortuner as it goes down stairs [Video]

While the person, whose identity is undisclosed in the video, escapes unhurt even after falling off, the video has been gaining all sorts of attraction. While some people are laughing at the antics of the person dancing on the roof of the Toyota Fortuner, some people are also seen criticizing the person in the comments section of the Instagram post. Many people are calling out the person for his stupid and bizarre act, which could have hurt him badly or could have left him injured with permanent damage to his body.

In recent times, doing foolish antics for gaining two-minute fame on social media platforms has become much more common than ever before. Due to the rising popularity of social media influencers, many common people are also trying to gain the same kind of fame by doing antics to catch the attention of netizens and gain followers and likes on their social media posts.

Many people also use cars and motorcycles to perform dangerous stunts and upload them on social media platforms, which is not only illegal but also harmful to their well-being. The Toyota Fortuner is one vehicle which is sought after by many people for its popularity and massive road presence and street cred. Some people feel that showcasing a Toyota Fortuner on their social media posts can gain likes and followers faster, due to the immense popularity of the Toyota SUV among netizens. Many people also associate the Toyota Fortuner with the aspects of authority and richness, especially in small towns and rural areas.