Man does push-ups on top of a driver-less moving Hyundai Creta: Video goes viral

push-ups on moving hyundai creta suv

At the moment, India has become a victim of people doing stupidity in videos in pursuit of grabbing the attention of people on social media. These people don’t know any bounds and perform idiotic stunts, thinking that they are doing something extremely great. Recently, another video that went viral online has left netizens both baffled and amused. In this recent video, a self-proclaimed fitness influencer has managed to perform push-ups on top of a slow-moving Hyundai Creta, which surprisingly was driverless. Also Read: Hyundai Creta owner drives with monkey on lap [Video]


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The Viral Push-Up Video

Man does push-ups on top of a driver-less moving Hyundai Creta: Video goes viral

This peculiar incident of the fitness influencer performing push-ups on top of a moving Hyundai Creta has been shared on Facebook by Takdir Reahsamiya. The video begins with the fitness enthusiast dramatically exiting from the driver’s seat of a white Hyundai Creta. As if it was not already enough to leave a moving car to further grab interest, he promptly proceeds to remove his shirt.

Following this, the daredevil fitness enthusiast boldly climbs onto the rear decklid of the Creta, ultimately reaching the roof. Now, at this point, many people will think this would be it; however, it does not end there. The person decides to perform push-ups on top of the driverless Hyundai Creta moving on the road. Moving ahead in the video after he completes his set of push-ups, he can be seen standing on top of the vehicle and flexing his muscles as performing push-ups was not enough.

Man does push-ups on top of a driver-less moving Hyundai Creta: Video goes viral

Lastly, as every viral stunt is not complete without a grand finale, this video also shows something daring at the end. The fitness influencer, after finishing up his workout, directly jumps onto the road from the slow-moving driverless Hyundai Creta. Now, while we can all appreciate the dedication it takes to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle, we can’t help but wonder about the wisdom of performing push-ups on top of a moving car – especially one with no one in control. It’s not only a safety hazard but also sets a questionable example for the young people who are mindlessly scrolling through social media platforms.

How insane is too insane?

Man does push-ups on top of a driver-less moving Hyundai Creta: Video goes viral

Always remember, safety and sanity should always come before social media stardom. We say this because performing stunts like the ones witnessed in this viral video is not only reckless but downright dangerous. The risks involved are just way too many. Firstly, attempting physical feats on a moving vehicle without proper safety precautions can lead to catastrophic injuries. One wrong move, a sudden swerve of the car, or a loss of balance could result in a severe accident, potentially causing harm to the one performing this stupidity.

Secondly, such acts can inspire young impressionable individuals to recreate these dangerous videos, which will definitely put their lives at risk. The most important and essential thing to remember is that real-life situations are not scripted, and the consequences of daring stunts are far from glamorous. Everyone should have responsible behavior, and safety should always take preference over the pursuit of viral fame.