Man takes pet dog for a ride on his motorcycle: FINED! [Video]

A few weeks back, video of a dog riding pillion on a motorcycle became viral on the Internet. The video showed a small dog sitting behind a biker on the public roads and balancing itself on the seat. The motorcycle owner, who hails from Kerala has been issued a fine by the Motor Vehicle Department, Kerala.

The MVD issued the fine after the video became viral on the Internet. The department traced the owner of the motorcycle and sent a fine to him. The fine was issued to him for two violations. One of the violations mentioned in the notice sent to the rider is that he was not wearing a helmet while riding the bike. The second issue in the official notice sent by MVD was about endangering the life of the pet and the others on the road by making the pet a pillion rider.

The notice sent by MVD is for Rs 2,500, which is a lot of money. The MVD has also asked the rider to be present at the RTO and explain the situation to the officials. However, it is not known if the fine has been waived after he went to meet the officials.

Man takes pet dog for a ride on his motorcycle: FINED! [Video]

This is not the first video of a pet dog taking a ride behind a bike in India. In the past, there have been several such videos where dogs can be seen balancing themselves on the pillion seat on the bike. However, we do agree that it is extremely dangerous and can cause accidents. In Delhi, a rider was spotted with a dog on the road with the helmet on himself and the dog.

Animals can be unpredictable and any sudden movement by them on the roads can imbalance the rider. Being on a bike makes the matter even more dangerous. In India, most of the motorists do not follow the rules. However, doing such acts can be quite attention-grabbing for the other road users, which in turn can distract the other motorists causing accidents. There is no such law that allows animals to travel on the pillion seat of a bike.

Doing such stunts is absolutely fine and legal on private roads and private places. However, on public roads, one should be extremely careful about their actions. India sees one of the largest numbers of accidents in the world every year and most of these fatal accidents involve the two-wheeler riders.