Man drinks on top of a car in Gurgaon during traffic jam: Video goes viral

We are sure that people reading this article would have got stuck in a traffic jam at least once. If you are living in metro cities, you would admit that traffic jam has become a part of your daily life. People find new ways to tackle these long and boring jams. While some look for alternate roads there are others who keep honking even when they know that the vehicles are not moving. However, a video from Gurgaon,Haryana has now gone viral where a man is seen sitting on top of a car with his drinks while the car is stuck in a traffic jam.

The video has been shared by a Twitter user Ravi Handa.  In this short video, we can see a person sitting on top of a car that is slowly moving through a traffic jam. The person sitting on the roof can be seen waving his hands to the people nearby. He is holding a bottle that looks like alcohol and with a glass and another water bottle next to it. He is calm and seated on the roof with his bottles. Although he has bottles in his hand, he is not seen drinking. As we have mentioned in the past, drinking at a public place is a punishable offence. As we look at the video, we can also see another SUV on the other lane with beacon lights on top.

It could have been a police vehicle and if it was, we are not sure why did the cops not react. It looks like the car on which the person was sitting was on a pocket road that runs parallel to the highway. Both highway and pocket roads were chocked. Another person who is sitting inside the car can be seen handing an empty glass to the person on the roof. It looks like people who were around them were actually recording a video rather than asking the person to go and sit inside the car. This is actually a dangerous trend that we have been seeing in India. We have seen people sit on top of the roof of heavily crowded buses in rural areas.

Man drinks on top of a car in Gurgaon during traffic jam: Video goes viral

When it comes to cars, we have seen people come out of the electric sunroof of a moving car. In this video, the car does not have a sunroof however, the person has managed to sit on the roof of the car. If the driver accelerates, there is no place where the person sitting on the roof can hold on to. The chances of him falling from the roof are pretty high. He can even get serious injuries or may even get hit by the vehicle that is behind his car. There is a lot of risk involved in this act and doing such stunts on public roads is illegal and cops can actually fine you for the same. The car and the registration number of the car are not clear in this video as it is stuck in a traffic jam with other vehicles.