Man drinks beer and does push-ups on moving car: Fined after video goes viral

Doing stunts on public roads is illegal in India and there have been many arrests and heavy challans. Yet, there are many do are not deterred by such moves. Here is a video that shows a group of men in a Maruti Suzuki Alto going through Cyber Hub in Gurugram and doing dangerous stunts.

The viral video recorded by a fellow motorist shows four men hanging out of the car while it is on the move. The video first shows three men out of the car windows and one on the top of the Alto drinking alcohol from a bottle. Later, the man on the rooftop starts doing push-ups.

The viral video was soon seen by the cops. The police traced the car and issued a challan worth Rs 6,500. The police have also filed a case for further investigation and the car is now in police custody. While it might not be a massive amount, it will definitely make them think twice before repeating such stunts on public roads again.

Some time ago, police from Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh shared a similar video. That video showed the danger of doing such stunts on a moving car. The incident in question took place in Gomtinagar, Lucknow, where a man was observed engaging in dangerous behaviour atop a moving garbage-collecting vehicle during the late hours of the night. In the video footage, the man can be seen performing pushups while balancing on the vehicle. However, moments later, he loses his balance and falls from the moving vehicle. Subsequently, the video transitions to distressing images of the man displaying bruises across his body.

Stunting on public roads

Man drinks beer and does push-ups on moving car: Fined after video goes viral

Most major cities now have an extensive CCTV network that is closely monitored by a team of police personnel. These officers issue traffic challans based on violations captured by tracking vehicle registration numbers. However, numerous online challans are erroneous due to faulty number plates. Incorrect challans can be contested through the traffic police’s redressal portal. In recent times, the government and authorities have taken steps to increase the fines associated with traffic violations. This increment aims to deter violations and improve road safety.

India faces one of the highest rates of road accidents and fatalities globally. Many lives are lost due to reckless driving and non-compliance with traffic regulations. The objective of surveillance measures is to reduce the number of individuals engaging in dangerous maneuvers on the roads. Police have even initiated a crackdown on vehicles that lack rearview mirrors or fail to use them properly. In Hyderabad, authorities have begun issuing challans to two-wheeler owners who do not have mirrors installed. Similar actions are anticipated in other cities in the near future.

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