Man drives away with cop on car’s bonnet: Caught on camera

India is country were lots of traffic rules are violated on a daily basis. Even though we now have CCTVs installed on roads to check for rules violations, a fair amount police officers are still on the road for routine checking. In a recent incident, a traffic cop who was on duty was dragged on the bonnet of a car when tried to stop the driver. The incident happened in New Delhi’s Dhaula Kuan area when the traffic police on duty was trying to stop the driver for a traffic violation. The video of the incident has gone viral after it was released on the internet.

The incident happened on October 12 when police constable Mahipal Singh was on duty in Dhaula Kuan area when he noticed a white car being driven in a zig zag manner. The car also had a fancy number plate and the officer asked the driver to pull over. The driver moved his car to the shoulder and as the police constable started walking towards the car, the driver started moving the car. The officer was right in front of the car and jumper on the bonnet and held to the wiper for his own safety. Similar cases have been reported in the past but, generally the driver stops the car once he finds out that the cop is not leaving the car.

In this case however, the driver did not stop the car and started driving it even more aggressively. The driver drives in zig zag manner so that the police personnel falls off the car. After dragging the officer for about 400 metres, the officer falls off the car and luckily is left without any major injuries. The road was crowded and there were other vehicles on the road when this incident happened.

The car was later stopped by police and public a kilometer away from where this incident had happened. The driver was identified as Shubham (22) who is a resident of Uttam Nagar, Delhi. An FIR has been registered against him on the compliant of police constable Mahipal Singh at Delhi Cantonment Police station, South West Delhi. It’s very important for motorists to stop their vehicles when law enforcement personnel ask them to. Not stopping is illegal, and the driver can be booked for the same. Driving away with a cop on the bonnet is something that can attract severe punishment.