Man begins wearing helmet after getting fined for driving Maruti Dzire without helmet

We come across a lot of incidents daily in which the civilians are penalized for not following general traffic rules like not wearing helmets or not stopping at traffic lights. However, there have been unexpected moments in the past, where the drivers or riders are forced to give challan for not following the rules which don’t exist anywhere. One such bizarre incident took place in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, where a car driver was penalized for not wearing a helmet!

This incident is from the city of Kanpur, where a Maruti Suzuki Swift driver was stopped by the traffic police, for a very strange reason. He was not wearing a helmet while he was driving his car. As a mark of punishment, the traffic policeman handed him a challan of Rs 1,000, which the car driver was forced to comply with.

This incident is extremely bizarre, for the fact that a helmet is meant as a safety measure for two-wheeler riders (both motorcycles and scooters), and not car drivers. For car drivers, the seat belt is a mandatory rule which has to be followed whenever a person is driving a car. The car driver here looks puzzled over the penalty he was imposed with.
Here, in this case, the car driver was understandably not wearing a helmet, and it is still not confirmed as to which ground of law was the car driver penalized. Currently, there is no traffic rule mentioned in the books of the law which allows the traffic police to penalize for the same.

Not the first time

Man begins wearing helmet after getting fined for driving Maruti Dzire without helmet

Usually, four wheeler owners are penalized for not wearing seat belts, not having necessary documents like registration certificates, insurance and pollution under control (PUC) certificates, not having proper registration plates according to the circular. Even two-wheeler riders get challans for similar reasons, but in place of seat belts, they are bound to wear helmets. In this case, mentioned, the car driver seems to have been mistreated as a part of a goof-up from the ends of traffic police of Kanpur.

This is not the first time that the traffic police have harassed someone for not following a traffic rule which doesn’t exist at all. The traffic police of various districts have notoriously become infamous for penalizing superbike riders, despite their compliance with all necessary documents in hand. Just because they are attention-grabbing, the superbike riders are challaned in India.

The police have also said that such wrong fines can happen due to the wrong entry of the reason by the operator issuing the fine. However, it should be noted that in a similar case, a car driver received a fine for not wearing a helmet and later a scooter was found using a fake number plate, which matches the car’s registration number. In the past, there have been many similar cases where car drivers have been wrongly issued fines for not wearing a helmet. In a few cases, cops have even issued on-spot fines to the car driver for not wearing a helmet.

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