Man drives car with doors open on National Highway in Goa: Arrested, car seized [Video]

Lately, we have been witnessing a surge in online videos showcasing people driving cars and riding motorcycles recklessly on public roads. These stunts are often performed for the purpose of creating content for social media. We have also come across some of these videos on our personal feeds. It appears that law enforcement agencies are monitoring such videos online and apprehending those responsible based on the evidence provided. One such video, originating from Goa, depicts a driver operating a Maruti Ritz car on the National Highway with all four doors wide open. Following the video’s viral spread on the internet, the authorities promptly apprehended the driver.

The video has been shared across various social media platforms, including Twitter. It was recorded by a passenger in a vehicle trailing behind the Maruti Ritz. The footage clearly shows the car being driven in the left lane of the highway, with all four doors ajar. Other drivers, unsure of the situation, cautiously maintain a safe distance from the vehicle. Fortunately, no collisions occur between the car’s doors and other vehicles. Subsequently, the driver executes a U-turn and heads back from a traffic signal, which marks the end of the video.

According to reports, this incident took place in Porvorim, Goa, on the national highway. The car trailing the Ritz managed to capture a clear video of the car and even posted its registration number online. After the video went viral, the Goa police initiated an investigation and successfully tracked down the driver and owner of the car. The driver, identified as Fahidh Hamaza, has been arrested, and the car has been seized. Additionally, a citation has been issued against the Ritz’s owner.

At present, specific details regarding the citation, such as the amount, remain undisclosed. The Superintendent of Police of North Goa Police has officially shared images of the offenders on Twitter, announcing the registration of an FIR against them. The reports do not mention whether the individuals were driving under the influence of alcohol or not. Nonetheless, it is crucial to highlight the extreme danger associated with driving a car with open doors.

In the video, we can observe the Maruti Ritz executing a sharp right turn at a traffic signal. Engaging in such a maneuver with all four doors open amplifies the hazard. We cannot ascertain if there were occupants seated in the rear of the vehicle. Typically, individuals seated in the back do not wear seat belts in India. Making a tight turn like this can destabilize passengers and potentially eject them from the car. As previously mentioned, the car was being driven on the national highway. Should a person fall onto the road from a moving vehicle, approaching vehicles from behind may not have sufficient time to react or stop, leading to an accident. Moreover, this reckless behavior causes inconvenience to other road users, as the car occupies more space than usual. This forces other road users to be extra careful to avoid rubbing or crashing against the door of the Ritz