Man drives MG Hector onto railway platform – Police start investigation [Video]

Time and time again people in the country are seen performing obnoxious stunts in public places just to hoard some likes, shares, and comments on their reels and pictures. In the most recent case of this continued stupidity, a person drove his MG Hector SUV onto a railway platform where the general public was sitting and sleeping on the benches and floors. The video of this foolish act started to become viral after it was shared on Facebook. It is believed that the car in the video belongs to a person close to a woman minister from Uttar Pradesh.

According to media reports and the video the MG Hector had a registration number of UP-80 FJ 0079. The Facebook account by the name of Brahmjeet Singh Kardam from which the video was shared also shared another video in which it was shown traveling with the minister’s convoy. As of yet, the person behind the steering wheel has not been identified but the police authorities stated that they are tracking him down. However, the owner of the car has been identified as Sunil who is a resident of Ramnagar Jagdishpura.

It has been reported that the Railway has ordered an inquiry into the entire matter. GRP-RPF also stated that this is a very sensitive matter and is being dealt with utmost urgency. The entire incident took place at Agra’s Cantt railway station. The authorities in their preliminary investigation reported that the person in the car might have came along with the minister and somehow reached the station with his car.

Man drives MG Hector onto railway platform – Police start investigation [Video]

Commenting on the situation, Prashasti Srivastava, PRO of Agra Railway Division, said, “It is being checked that at the time of the incident, which RPF personnel were on duty at that time. Strict action will be taken on this. At the same time, SP GRP Mohammad Mushtaq says that investigation is being done as to how he reached the platform. Action will be taken against whoever is guilty.”

The Agra’s Cantt railway station is an A rated railway station and getting on the platform of it with a car is something that is extremely difficult. The station is said to be extremely cautious about its security. However despite a ton of  RPF and GRP personnel being on the platform 24 hours a day, seven days a week this incident took place. From the video it can be seen that the person is maneuvering the car on the platform and is seen reversing on the platform with a decent number of people staring him doing this outrageous feat. Some individuals are spotted on the platform asleep. It was a matter of luck that there was no accident.

We cannot stress this enough that performing these sort of stunts in public places is extremely dangerous. It carries a huge of risk to the occupants of the car and bikes as well the people around them. Its a good thing that nobody in this incident got hurt but this will not be the case every time.