Man drives off at high speed with truck driver on his car’s bonnet: Police launch manhunt [Video]

A shocking video from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh that is becoming viral on the internet shows a man hanging on the bonnet of a Maruti Suzuki WagonR. The video is recorded from a house nearby the Lucknow-Kanpur expressway flyover shows the car at a high speed with the man hanging from the bonnet. The police have now appealed to the public to identify the car driver and has launched a manhunt.

No one knows what exactly lead to this incident at the moment. However, according to a report, an accident between a truck and a car on the flyover led to this. After the accident, the driver of the vehicle had a quarrel. After the argument intensified, the youths tried to hit the truck driver with the car. However, the truck driver dived on the bonnet of the car and held on to the vehicle.

The driver of the car then sped away from the spot on the flyover. No one is sure for how long the person hung in the vehicle. While some reports claim that he remained like this for 11 km, there is no proof of the same.

After the video became viral on the Internet, many reported it as stunts. However, the further enquiry by the cops revealed that many eyewitnesses saw the brawl after the truck and the car collision and the heated arguments too.

Police have launched a manhunt

Man drives off at high speed with truck driver on his car’s bonnet: Police launch manhunt [Video]

After the video became viral on social media and people tagged the Uttar Pradesh Police on Twitter, the police said that they investigating the matter. Police also said that the matter is at the notice of the police and they will take all the necessary actions.

Earlier, a UP Police officer came on the camera and appealed to the public who have the information of this incident to come forward and help them. The officer also said that they are trying to identify the car driver and the person who was spotted hanging to the vehicle.

While we are not sure but no injuries have been reported after this incident. Driving like this could have caused a major accident, which could have turned fatal too. Such incidents are not rare though. In the past, many violators of traffic rules have done similar acts with the cops. In some cases, violators kept on driving for kilometres with the policeman hanging to the bonnet. This is a dangerous act and can kill someone.

If you have any information about the incident or know anyone who can help, please contact the police directly through Twitter or by calling them.

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