Man drives Suzuki Jimny up & down a pedestrian bridge to avoid a U-Turn! [Video]

Overpasses for pedestrians are quite common in India and we have seen a lot of them in the metro cities. Often, bikers use such overpasses to go on the other side of the road illegally. Well, if you have seen bikers take on such bridges to cross to the other side, this video will shock you. This is a third-generation Suzuki Jimny going on the pedestrian bridge to take a U-turn!

The video is from China where a third-generation Suzuki Jimny can be seen taking a pedestrian bridge. The Jimny model has been sold in the international markets for decades under different names. All the Jimny models were built to be hardcore off-roading vehicles. Since the Jimny models are lightweight and compact in dimensions, they are extremely agile.

This video shows that third-generation Jimny getting on stairs of this pedestrian bridge and crossing over to the other side without facing any major challenges. The Jimny is very compact in design, which is why the narrow bridge did not cause any problem. Also, climbing up the stairs without the underbody touching anything on the way shows that the SUV has ample ground clearance and the overhangs are short. This ensures a good approach angle and departure angle. Also, the breakover angle of the Jimny is quite good due to the short wheelbase. It ensures that the SUV does not get stuck while coming over the tip.

Man drives Suzuki Jimny up & down a pedestrian bridge to avoid a U-Turn! [Video]

This third-generation Jimny was launched in 1998 and it was on sale for over two decades in the international markets. In the Indian market, Suzuki launched the second-generation Jimny, which was sold as the Gypsy. The petrol-powered Gypsy became extremely popular, especially among the armed forces. Due to its lightweight and off-road capabilities, the Gypsy was the first choice of armed forces in the country. Maruti Suzuki discontinued the Gypsy last year due to the stricter safety norms and BS6 emission compliance.

Earlier this year, Maruti Suzuki officially showcased the all-new fourth-generation Jimny at the 202o Auto Expo. The all-new SUV is likely to be launched in India in 2021. Maruti Suzuki is working on the five-door version of the Jimny to launch it in the Indian market. It will make the Jimny more practical for the Indian market. Internationally, only the three-door version of the Jimny is available.

The all-new, fourth-generation Jimny because so popular in the international markets that the manufacturer had to stop taking bookings for the car. Currently, it is only being manufactured in Japan but before the Coronavirus pandemic, the all-new Jimny was scheduled to be made in India for the export markets before the official launch in India next year. We do hope that Jimny is still on track for the Indian launch since the sales of cars have crashed down due to the lockdown across India.