Man dumps 1.3 crore rupee BMW SUV in Cauvery river after losing mother

In a bizarre incident, villagers and local fishermen saw a red BMW X6 SUV floating in the middle of the Cauvery river in Srirangapatna in Karnataka. The locals rushed to alert the police after suspecting an accident. The police summoned divers who went to check if someone was trapped inside the car. Here is what happened.

Man dumps 1.3 crore rupee BMW SUV in Cauvery river after losing mother

After the divers checked and assured that there was no one trapped inside the car, the vehicle was recovered using cranes. The police took down the registration details through the transport department and found out that the car belongs to a man living in Bengaluru’s Mahalakshmi.

The police team looked around for the owner and after finding him, they summoned him to the police station. After interrogation, they found out that the man was incoherent and the police could not get any answers out from him. The cops then decided to call the family members to find out what happened to the man.

Man dumps 1.3 crore rupee BMW SUV in Cauvery river after losing mother

The family members told the cops that the man had gone into depression after his mother’s death. He was grieving and drove the car into the river before going back to his home in Bengaluru. He did not reveal the incidents to anyone.

The sub-inspector from Srirangapatna said that they could not establish the identity of the owner as he appeared to be confused and upset. None of the statements given by him was relevant and made sense.

Man dumps 1.3 crore rupee BMW SUV in Cauvery river after losing mother

The police recorded the statement of the man and let him go. The cops did not register a complaint in the matter and the family towed back the BMW X6 back to Bangalore.

No one saw the man driving the car

No local or anyone else saw the man how he drove the car into the river. It is quite possible that the man pushed the vehicle into the river or might have put it in the drive mode and got off the vehicle. It sure looks like a total loss of the BMW X6 SUV.

Water damages can be brutal and repairing the vehicle after water damage may require changing the parts completely. While many accidents in the past have caused vehicles to enter the river or such big water bodies, this is the first time that someone has done it deliberately.

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