Risky behaviour while using ADAS: Eating lunch in a moving Mahindra XUV700 on ADAS is dangerous!

XUV700 is the flagship SUV from Mahindra in Indian market. It is one of the most technologically advanced and feature-loaded SUV from the Mahindra stable. Mahindra was one of the first manufacturers in the country to offer a Level-2 ADAS in this segment. Many people are seen misusing the Advanced Driver Assistance System and we have featured some of them on our website too. Here we have one such video where a XUV700 driver is seen eating lunch in a moving car with his hands off the steering wheel.

The video has been uploaded by @Ri_rider on their YouTube channel. In this video, the person driving the XUV700 has intentionally removed his hands from the steering wheel of the XUV700. The car is seen going through a straight highway. The XUV700 is in the middle lane and is maintaining a cruise speed of 80 kmph. The speed of the car is visible in this short video. It looks like it is raining outside as the wipers on this SUV are turned on. The driver has a food packet in his hand and is seen eating it without slowing down. He mentions in the video that he can have lunch while driving in the XUV700 and what can other people who own similar cars do.

Not only is he performing a dangerous act, he is also asking other people to do it. This is absolutely stupid as this is not why ADAS was offered in cars and SUVs at first place. Even the manufacturers who are offering these features do not recommend doing such things. The driver here has probably engaged the lane keep assist and departure warning. This helps him in staying within the lane and the adaptive cruise control in the XUV700 will maintain a safe distance with the vehicle ahead of it. The speed of the car will increase and decrease automatically.

Risky behaviour while using ADAS: Eating lunch in a moving Mahindra XUV700 on ADAS is dangerous!

In the recent past we have come across several stupid videos like this. It is extremely dangerous. There has also been an incident where an XUV700 automatically steered and went down the road. The XUV700 overturned as it fell down. There were two passengers in the vehicle at that time and both of them escaped from the spot with injuries. We have also come across videos of social media where people are seen playing ludo, eating food and even taking power naps. People should understand that the ADAS is not an autonomous driving feature. It is there to assist the driver and make driving more easier.

These features use radar and camera installed on the vehicle to function. If any one of these sensors or cameras fail to work, this system would fail and in such cases, the driver will have to take back control over the vehicle. In order to gain back control, the driver should have his hands on the steering wheel and pay attention on the road. In case of ADAS, the feature would automatically give warning to disengage ADAS if it does not detect hands on the steering after few seconds.