Man tries to help girl riding scooter: Total confusion ensues (Video)

We all must have had moments when we felt responsible for other riders who unknowingly are in some danger while on road. Cloth piece/saree caught in between a car door, headlights not working or low tyre pressure are among the things which people point out to the concerned rider/driver.

This is a good habit and sometimes prevents major mishaps. However, this video below shows that sometimes, advising someone can make things go south. The video is posted on Twitter by Pramati Muthalaxe. Watch the video before we get onto what happened.

Saying funny is not enough for this video. It is brutal. Quite brutal or what you can say as Savagely funny. A man, when he sees a scooter with its side stand still down, yells out to the female rider to bring her attention towards it. He say’s “Didi Stand, stand. Didi stand”. However, the female rider took his words quite literally and, you know what, stood up on her scooter. There were two females riding the scooter and the one at the front was wearing a helmet too.

However, what is bizarre is the fact that she stood up. Yeah, it happens, it can happen, it even has happened and we wish after this, it would not happen again. There is a possibility that she might be talking to the pillion rider and because of that, could not fully catch what was being said. It sometimes happens that when you are engrossed in a conversation, you pay less attention to what someone else is saying. The same could be the scene here, with she not paying attention to what the other guy meant and followed her instincts. While it is said that one should follow their instinct, sometimes it does not end up so well, like the case here.

Man tries to help girl riding scooter: Total confusion ensues (Video)

There is another possibility of the video being scripted. This is probable because who tells a fellow road user something as important as this while filming it. Nowadays, there are many such videos around the internet which are circulated just to gather views. the same looks to be the case for this one and therefore, chances of it being a pre-planned video can’t be put away.

The exact location as to where the incident took place is not know but various social media accounts and handles are saying the location to be of Pakistan. The scooter which is in the video is a Honda Dio and seems like an older generation model. As for the other things, the riders seem to be riding at decent speed with helmet on, a sign that show they are not novice to scooter riding.

However, if you now see someone riding with the side stand in down position, rework your words before alerting the concerned rider. It can result into what is showcased in this video which may even result into causalities. We don’t know the aftermath of this video, but it can certainly result into injury for the rider as well as other. Especially so if this antic is done on a busy road.