Man holds onto the bonnet of a speeding Maruti Swift for almost 2.5 kms: Car SEIZED [Video]

A video from Kerala has surfaced on the internet where a man can be seen sitting on top of the bonnet of a speeding Maruti Swift car. More details of the incident are now available and as per the reports, the incident happened in Kerala’s Ottapalam town in Palakkad district. The man who was seen clinging on to the bonnet of the car was Fazil. The Maruti Swift that tried to knock him down was driven by Usman who owed Fazil money.

Fazil is a wholesale dealer of leather belts and Usman owed him Rs 78,000 as part of their deal in the past. Fazil had been asking Usman for money for some time and Usman was not giving it back. The day when this incident happened, Fazil along with his friends arrived at a spot to meet Usman.  Once Usman arrived both of them started argument about the amount and that is when Usman realised that he was outnumbered and there are chances that he could be manhandled.

Usman moved the car forward to escape from the situation and Fazil tried to stop him. He stood in front of the car but, as Usman was trying to escape from the spot, he did not stop the car. As the car moved forward, Fazil jumped on to the bonnet of the Maruti Swift. Usman was not slowing down so he grabbed on to the windscreen wiper so that he does not fall from the car.

Man holds onto the bonnet of a speeding Maruti Swift for almost 2.5 kms: Car SEIZED [Video]

Usman did not stop the car and drove it to the police station 2.5 kms away from the spot. When the car entered the police station compound, Fazil was still on the bonnet of the car. Police has registered a case against Usman for dangerous driving. Fazil who was holding on to the bonnet escaped without any major injuries. The report also mentions that the police will probably notify Motor Vehicles Department to suspend his license. The car has been taken into custody and will be produced in the court.

This is not the first time such an incident is happening in India. In the past people have driven car with cops on bonnet when they were asked to stop for checking or for traffic rule violation. Police officers jump on to the bonnet of the car to save themselves from getting crushed under the car. In the present time, almost all the police teams are equipped with wireless units that can be used to ensure that such vehicles can be stopped by the cops deployed ahead.

Nowadays in order to avoid such incidents, police officers are now equipped with department issued smartphones where they simply click picture of the registration plate of the vehicle that is seen violating a rule. The challan of those vehicles are sent online and this way police officers don’t have to ask people to stop the vehicle and put their life at risk. If one feels that he or she has been issued a challan wrongly, they can complain about the same to a senior police official or at court.

Via Manorama News

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