Man saves life of an injured crane: It now follows his scooter everywhere he goes [Video]

Friendship is one of the best blisses that a man can receive in his life and most us have numerous friends. Some of us also have animals which we call our dear friends but they mostly are dogs, cats or even parrots. But in this most recent tale of friendship, a man found himself in a friendship with an animal that you might not think could become such a great companion. Recently a video surfaced on the internet where a man was seen driving his scooter on the road and just above him was Crane friend who was flying with him ever so gracefully.

As unorthodox as this friendship may seem, it is true that this bond between a Crane and a man exists. It was recently reported that the man in the video is Mohammad Aarif. He is a resident of Amethi, Uttar Pradesh. According to the The Print, a year ago Aarif found this very crane in a field injured. He then took the decision to bring this lovely creature to his home and treat him and his injuries to make him fit for flying once again.

It was then reported that once the crane recovered from the wounds to everyone’s surprise did not fly back and instead stayed with Aarif at his home. Ever since then the crane has now became the best friend of the man and continues to stay with him. The crane also follows the man for 30-40 kms whenever Aarif leaves his home for work. The tale of these two friends has gathered the attention of a ton of people across the country.

This friendship is truly a one of a kind and ever so often we do come across somethings like these. Most recently a man by the name of Shandor Larenty who is of 27 years of age was also interviewed for sharing a friendship with another wild animal which may be a little more extreme than the crane in the above mentioned story. Shandor best friend is a 550-pound lion and the animal lover are great friends.

Man saves life of an injured crane: It now follows his scooter everywhere he goes [Video]

The name of the lion as told by Shandor is George and they both have been bestfriends for ten years, and every day he grooms, plays with, and even snuggles the big wild cat. In South Africa’s Gauteng province, where Shandor oversees animal husbandry, at the Lion and Safari Park, where George was born, the two first got to know each other. George, who is now 10 years old, has developed from a young cub to the leader of his own pride, yet he still finds time for Shandor.

While being interviewed by a media outlet, Shandor stated, “It’s like watching a child grow up, or a younger sibling grow up, and it’s exactly the same feeling. George is similar to me in the sense that while he’s social, he also likes to be alone a lot.” He further added, “It’s amazing to see that when I arrive he’ll leave the rest of the pride and walk over. I can thinks of times in my life where I was really struggling and the animals really helped me.”

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