Man leaves Honda Activa on, kid turns accelerator: Here is the result [Video]

As much as two-wheelers provide convenience, there is no doubt that they are equally or shall we say more dangerous. Evidently driving a scooter on our country roads at speeds is very risky, but if one is not careful enough accidents can also happen when the scooter is stationary. And in the most recent incidents of such sorts, on Monday a video uploaded on Twitter that garnered a lot of views showed something similar happening.

The video shared by Vivek Gupta, special correspondent, News18 India showing a man sitting on a scooter with his child went viral on Twitter. In the video, it appears that the man was standing in front of his home’s entrance with his scooter switched on. And just in a split second, the child standing in front of him unknowingly twisted the accelerator. As a result of this, the scooter went forward and the man went flying off the two-wheeler.

From the CCTV footage, it can be seen that at the moment the child turned the throttle, the man was talking on his cell phone. At that exact moment, this incident occurred the man was caught off-guard and could not do anything and fell on the ground. Following this immediately a number of people rushed to pick up the man and the child. It appears that the child did not suffer any major injury although the man could be seen to have suffered a large impact on his back and rear of the head.

Man leaves Honda Activa on, kid turns accelerator: Here is the result [Video]

We can also note that everyone was trying to help the man, the video showed a few people picking him and helping him to sit while others rushed inside the house to probably get first aid. A lady also picked up the child and was seen going inside the house.

The journalist in the caption of the shared video said that if a child is riding in a two-wheeler, the two-wheeler when parked should be immediately turned off. Because if not incidents like these can occur with anyone. According to the tweet the incident occurred in Sindhudurg, a small district in Maharashtra.

On other notable breaches of safety norms we can see that neither the man nor the child were wearing a helmet. Other than that it can also not to be forgotten that making a child stand in front of the scooter in itself is quite a dangerous thing to do. In attempt to reduce the number of incidents caused by such carelessness while riding the two-wheelers with children, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways back in 2021 announced a set of new regulations. The regulations stated that they will guarantee children’s safety while riding two-wheelers.

The government will propose legislation requiring youngsters to wear safety belts. The youngster will be strapped into the safety harness from the rider. The youngster will put on a vest that serves as the safety harness. It may be adjusted using two straps that are fastened to the vest and provide loops for the rider to pass his arms through. The upper body of the cyclist will be firmly fastened to the rider thanks to the safety harness, which will lessen accidents on the roads.