Man Lies On Moving Mercedes Benz’s Bonnet On Delhi Signature Bridge [Video]

Man lying on bonnet of Mercedes

Instagram and other social media platforms have become integral parts of our lives. We have seen many videos in the past where people have flouted traffic rules and done dangerous stunts on public roads, all for the sake of publicity on social media. Here, we have one such video where a man is seen lying on the bonnet of a moving Mercedes-Benz sedan on Delhi’s signature bridge.

The video was shared by Sachin Gupta on his X profile. In this video, we see two girls sitting inside a luxury sedan that appears to be a Mercedes-Benz CLA. It is clear from the video that it was being recorded for social media. The video was recorded in such a manner that the girls behind the wheel were portrayed as the villains, while the man lying on the bonnet of the car was shown pleading to stop the car.

All this took place on Delhi’s signature bridge. We see the car moving through the bridge with the man lying on the bonnet. The video went viral on the internet almost immediately, and the person who posted it likely downloaded it from Instagram and reposted it on Twitter.

As of now, we have no clarity about the identity of the girls driving the car or the man lying on the bonnet. We have seen many people perform such stunts on public roads in the past. In most cases, the police have taken note of such offenders and have taken action against them. Performing such stunts just for the sake of publicity is actually dangerous.

Man Lies On Moving Mercedes Benz’s Bonnet On Delhi Signature Bridge [Video]
Man lying on bonnet of Mercedes

The girls were driving the car on a public road, and the man lying on the bonnet was holding onto it. If the man lost his grip, he would have fallen off the car and likely been injured. Since the video was being recorded on a public road, there was also a high chance of him being hit by another vehicle.

The person who posted this video has asked the concerned authorities not only to arrest the offenders and issue a fine but also to make these people delete their Instagram or social media profiles. Many internet users even agreed with Sachin in the comment section. This is not the first time we have seen someone perform a stunt like this.

Recently, a video surfaced of men traveling in a BMW sedan in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. In the video, the men were seen standing out of the moving car after opening the rear door. One of them was almost thrown from the car when the driver turned the car at high speed. The video was seen by the police, and they soon traced the culprits and issued a fine against them. The car was also seized.

We do not see the registration number of the Mercedes-Benz CLA in the video, but we believe the Delhi Police can trace the car and the owners using social media or by checking the surveillance cameras installed in different parts of the city.

Recently, we saw a couple of girls performing stunts on a Honda Activa scooter in Greater Noida. The police traced the girls and the scooter owner and issued a fine of Rs 80,500. The girls claimed that they did not have the money to pay the fine.