Man on bike flips over Hyundai Santro and lands on the roof top [Video]

Funny scooter accident, rider lands on car roof

Often, we come across accidents on public roads, in which the people involved escape unhurt in very miraculous manners. One such miracle recently happened in India, in which a motorcycle rider collided with a Hyundai Santro. However, the motorcycle rider escaped unhurt as he landed safely on the roof of the car with which he collided.

The said accident has been reported in a YouTube video from Nikhil Rana, in which we can see a motorcycle rider colliding with a Hyundai Santro in the middle of the road. In the video, we can see a Hyundai Santro trying to make a U-turn in the middle of the road, to go back in the direction from which it was coming.

Suddenly, a motorcycle rider, who was heading in the same direction, collided with the side profile of the Santro, right in its middle. While the motorcycle fell instantly, the rider flew in the air and landed safely on the roof of the Santro. The video shows how the person remains seated safely on the roof of the Santro, which continues to be driven after the accident.

The said accident has attracted the attention of many netizens, who have responded to the video in their ways. While some are just amused by how the rider continues to remain seated and moves along with the car, some are just shocked to see how he escaped unhurt in such a high-speed crash.

Lucky escape

Man on bike flips over Hyundai Santro and lands on the roof top [Video]

Usually, if a motorcycle collides with a moving car on its side, the person riding it flies in the air, as happened in the video. However, unlike in many instances, in which the person falls on the road, here the motorcycle rider falls on the roof of the car. What’s more shocking to see is that the motorcycle rider escaped unhurt in this accident, with no injuries reported as of now.

This unique accident proves the importance of riding slow on a public road and giving the right indication for the change in driving pattern or direction. Here, if the motorcycle rider was riding at a slow pace, he could have avoided the collision by safely applying the brakes in advance. Also, it is not clear whether the Santro driver gave any indication about the change in his direction. However, it looks like the Santro driver turned his car abruptly without giving any prior indication, which resulted in this collision.