Man rides scooter straight into floodwaters in Kerala: What is going on?

Several parts of India is currently heavy rains and this untimely rains has resulted in floods, landslides in several parts. South Indian state Kerala is experiencing similar conditions. There have been reports of rivers overflowing, floods in low lying areas and landslides in the hills. Going out on ride or long drives during this time is not advisable because of the risks involved. Couple of days ago, we had featured a video on our website where a group of riders barely escaped landslides and floodwaters. Here we have another video where a man is seen riding a scooter straight into the floodwaters.

The video has been shared by Mediavision TV on their Facebook page. As mentioned above, heavy rain is being experienced in several parts of Kerala and rivers are overflowing in most of the places. Travelling to hilly area is actually a risk at this time. In the video, a group is travelling in a Mahindra Jeep and as they come across a turn, the driver spots a waterfall and stops few hundred metres ahead of it. The flow of water was aggressive and as it was bringing all the rain water from the hills. 

There was bridge near the waterfall which the group had to cross to get to the other side but, the occupants in the jeep were terrified by the raging waters. As the group was having a discussion whether they should cross the bridge or not, a man in a scooter who was behind the jeep overtakes and starts moving towards the waterfall. There was another car that has stopped in front of them and it look like they were also deciding on whether to cross the bridge or not.

Man rides scooter straight into floodwaters in Kerala: What is going on?

The person who was recording the video then starts focusing on the scooter rider. It looks like the person was a local and he knew the place. He slowly approaches the bridge and crosses it. There was water splashing on the bridge but, it looked like the rider managed to clear the bridge without any problem.

Even if the scooter rider was a local person what he did was actually quite risky and we do not recommend people to do that. In Kerala it has been raining heavily in the hilly regions and this has triggered landslides and several areas are under water due to sudden rise in water level in the rivers. In such conditions, crossing a bridge next to an aggressive waterfall could be dangerous.

The amount and force of water falling from that waterfall is actually enough to take down anything that comes in its way. According to the some of the comments, the place is Charpa falls which is located in Athirapally panchayath in Thrissur district of Kerala. This waterfall actually lies between the popular waterfall Athirapally falls and Vazhachal falls.

Trips to hilly regions or mountains during rains is a huge risk. There are chances of cloudburst, flash floods and even landslides. Things can go south in such situations very fast. Heavy rains in Kerala have already claimed more 40 lives so far.