Man sells same car 14 times on OLX: BUSTED

Vehicle theft is a common thing in our country and we have seen several reports of cars and bikes getting stolen across the country. Online fraud in such cases have also been reported where a party offers money for a car and later realizes that the seller has cheated him. Recently, a person has been caught by the police after he sold the same car over and over again to different customers using online car selling platform OLX. The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh.


The culprit Manottam Tyagi who is also known as Manu allegedly sold two cars at least 14 times to different sellers. Manu has sold a Maruti WagonR which belonged to his Moradabad based friend and a Maruti Swift Dzire in this manner before he got caught. For operating this fraud, what he used to do was post an advertisement with fake number plate of the car on online car selling platform OLX. Once a seller approaches him he negotiates with him and finally the sells the car to the customer.

Before handing over the car, what Manu would normally do was install a GPS tracker inside the car. He would also hand over only one Key to the customer. Once he has sold the car, he would track the location of the car and steal it using the spare key that he had with him. He had done the same thing to a used car dealer Jeetu Yadav. Manu sold the WagonR for Rs 2.7 lakh and car was stolen from dealer’s house that night.

Manu had recently posted the pic of the very same WagonR on internet and Jeetu Yadav’s friend Pradeep who is also a car dealer had recognised the car. He informed the police about the incident and the cops trapped him with the help of Pradeep who acted as a party who is interested in buying the car.

Manu admitted his crime during the interrogation. The culprit belongs from Amroha and was currently residing in Tigri area of Greater Noida. The WagonR, fake number plate, two mobile phones, fake PAN cards and Aadhaar cards and Rs 10,000 cash have been recovered from Manu. He recently came out of the jail in a fraud case and is wanted in almost seven cases which includes one attempt to murder and cheating cases.