Man sprays petrol on Royal Enfield Classic 350: Arrested and bike seized [Video]

The Uttar Pradesh Police from Amroha have arrested a man named Naushe Ali after videos of him performing dangerous stunts to gain views on social media went viral. In one of the videos, he was seen filling his Royal Enfield Classic 350 with fuel and then pouring it all over the motorcycle. Another video showed him and his friend performing risky stunts on public roads, with his friend sitting on the mudguard of the Classic 350.

The police released a picture of Ali after his arrest, and they also seized the Royal Enfield Classic 350 motorcycle. It is not clear whether they issued a challan as well.

Performing such stunts with petrol is dangerous, as it is highly inflammable unlike diesel fuel. Even the vapors of petrol can catch fire when in contact with a hot engine. It is surprising that nothing like that happened during the incident. The exact reason for the man pouring fuel all over the motorcycle remains unknown, but it is likely that he did it for attention on his social media platforms, where such acts tend to attract a lot of views.

Viral videos can get you in trouble

Man sprays petrol on Royal Enfield Classic 350: Arrested and bike seized [Video]

Frequently, viral videos have resulted in trouble for individuals, especially when they involve breaking road rules and pose risks to others. The implementation of the online challan system empowers the police to issue fines even if they don’t witness the violation directly.

Apart from monitoring social media for such illegal acts, major cities have established comprehensive networks of CCTV cameras closely monitored by dedicated police personnel. Violations are detected through vehicle registration numbers, and fines are duly issued. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that some online challans may be erroneous due to faulty or incorrect number plates.

India has one of the world’s highest rates of road accidents, with a significant number proving fatal. Reckless driving and failure to adhere to traffic rules claim many lives. Surveillance systems aim to curb dangerous maneuvers on the roads, ultimately enhancing overall road safety.

Engaging in stunts on public roads is strictly forbidden, and those caught doing so can face serious repercussions. Notably, a group of Mumbai youths received a six-month jail sentence last year for performing such stunts. While these incidents might occur frequently, they often evade law enforcement’s attention. It is only when videos or CCTV footage emerge that the police launch investigations.

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