Man stunting on top of a moving Maruti Swift shows why such stunts are so risky [Video]

People have come up with strange ideas to go viral on the internet. We have seen many weird challenges that people are doing to grab more attention and increase the number of followers on social media platforms. In many such trends, people often use vehicles as a property and in the past we have come across many such videos. Some use these vehicles to do stunts while others do stunt on the vehicle. Here we have one such video where two men are seen standing on top a Maruti Swift and a Thar. The video shows why exactly you should not do such stunts on a moving car.


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The video has been shared by fitnessmodel_9 Instagram profie. In this video, a person is seen standing on top of a Maruti Swift and the other one is on the roof of a current generation Mahindra Thar. The video is very short and both the cars are seen on a very empty stretch of road. Both the cars are seen moving towards the person who is recording the video. As the car moves slowly towards the camera, Maruti Swift driver applies brake all of a sudden. The person standing on top of the Swift was actually not standing properly as there is not much to hold on.

As soon as the driver hits the brake, the person standing on the roof loses balance and he immediately kneels down. As he had no control on this motion, he sits with so much pressure that the roof of the Maruti Swift gets a dent and the same is clearly visible in the video. The other person, who is standing on top of the Mahindra Thar is also not standing properly. He is also trying hard to not lose balance. It looks like the person standing on top of the Swift did not get any injuries but, that does not mean you should do it. Doing such stunts on moving cars and SUVs are always dangerous.

Man stunting on top of a moving Maruti Swift shows why such stunts are so risky [Video]

Standing on top of a moving car is illegal and dangerous. There is no way that the person standing on top of the car can know in advance what the driver is going to do next. He might brake or accelerate. He may or may not take a sharp turn. All these actions would only make the person standing on the roof lose control and the chances of him falling off the vehicle while pulling stunts are very high. People have got serious injuries and many have even lost their lives trying to do such stunts.

The roof of the car is not the place to stand or sit. By doing such stunts on public roads, a person is putting his own life and life of other fellow road users at risk. Recently a video of a man doing pushups on the top of a moving garbage-collecting vehicle went viral on social media. The man fell off the  garbage truck while doing the stunt and he was seriously injured.