Man steals Toyota Innova Crysta from service centre: Gets chased by owner, escapes but finally caught by cops [Video]

There are hundreds of cases reported daily on vehicle theft in India. While most thieves chose to operate at night to avoid detection, there are a few who do daring things and try their luck during the broad daylight too. Here is a video, that shows a daring thief stealing an Innova Crysta and what followed after that is pure drama. Here is what happened.

The incident reported by Asianet News says that the owner of the Toyota Innova Crysta gave it for a service at an authorised dealership in Wayanad. As we know that service centres keep the keys inside the vehicle to ensure that the keys are not lost by them. The theft, which was captured on CCTV shows a person moving around the Toyota Innova Crysta with a bag in his hand. He then enters the MPV and leaves from the showroom.

All this happened in front of the owner so he started chasing the thieve. The video further shows that the owner of the Innova Crysta located his car parked on a side of a road. The owner blocked the Innova Crysta from behind so that the thieve can’t escape. However, after the owner and his acquaintance makes a run to nab the thieve, he decided to escape from the spot by going forward. The owner can be seen clinging to the door while the thief takes away the vehicle. The thief was caught after efforts by the cops and was the car was seized from his possession.

It is not known how the thief got past the gate of the Toyota dealership. All the authorised service centres follow the rule of the gate pass and they not allow the vehicle to leave without a gate pass, which is only handed over to the person after paying the bill for the servicing job. This protocol is followed in almost every service centres for cars and two-wheelers in India.

The owner was lucky enough to notice the theft and chased the vehicle. However, in most cases, such stolen vehicles are never recovered. That’s why it is always a good idea to install a GPS-based security system in any vehicle. GPS-based systems allow you to track the location of the vehicle and it also alerts you if the vehicle goes out of a region, which is pre-decided by you. Some of the security systems also allow you to disable the engine and turn off the vehicle remotely from your smartphone.

While such incidents are not very common, especially in authorised service centres, you can use the GPS-based system to check if the service centre employees are not abusing your vehicle and not taking it out on the joy rides.